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ZINE Issue #14
ZINE is a magaZINE about the demoscene, digital arts and related topics, created by Brainstorm and BitFellas. It's not commercial, and you can find out more about the mag right here.

A Conversation with Kevin Mack
The Academy Award winner speaks to ZINE.

Happiness is Around the Bend
Navis speaks about what was different.

Demos for an Art Audience
ZINE talks to Smash and Evilpaul.
Demo Effects in Games
Sometimes effects in games remind us of great demos.

ASD Magic: The Creation of Rupture
Navis explains the creation of the TG'09 demo.

How Linger in Shadows Came To Be
Bonzaj discusses the creation of Plastic's PS3 demo.

Circuit Bending Strikes Back
by Ne7 (read 36120 times)

The Rebirth of BitFellas ArtCity
by CONS of TRSI (read 29271 times)

The development of the 4klang softsynth
by Gopher of Alcatraz (read 30084 times)

Hacking The Sega Master System
by Ne7 of DCS, Napalm, Rebels, Scoopex, Triad and UKscene Allstars (read 18759 times)
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