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Editor-in-Chief: Axel of Brainstorm
Co-Editor: Menace of Spaceballs
Engine Design & Code: FishGuy876 of Brainstorm
Original Design: Critikill of Brainstorm
Issue Design & Layout: prm of Brainstorm
Production Assistant/Copy Editor: Epec of Brainstorm

Music: Hansee of Brainstorm, Mikael Fyrek of Brainstorm, C-Jeff of Brainstorm, Willbe, Scott of Brainstorm
Intro Jingle: BitArts
Title Picture: Prowler of Brainstorm

Web Edition Programming: bpoint and Pride of Brainstorm
Web Edition Design: Pride of Brainstorm
Web Edition Content Conversion: Menace of Spaceballs and bpoint of Brainstorm
Overall BitFellas Coordination: Alien of BitFellas

FishGuy876 Would Like to Thank: Shoecake, Frank Vanden Berghen, bpoint, Jack Daniels & Captain Morgan. Also a BIG "THANK YOU" to BitArts and deathy - for getting me into this mess! Hehe!

ZINE Would Like to Thank: 4sceners.de and Slengpung for picture material, and all authors who contributed to this issue.
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