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Zine #1 on BitFellas

This magazine was originally published in a very specific form; a hardcoded diskmagazine which was never intended for distribution in any other form. Transforming it into an online form in which it was readable presented its own set of challenges. I had to opt to use the 'code' tag for the advertisements, since they rely heavily on a fixed-width char - and even this didn't do the job for all of them since apparently one of the control chars for this editor coincides with a very popular ascii character often used in advertisement ascii art at the time. These are the challenges you don't see coming in, but which jump out like interesting little hurdles in the road as you go along.

I did my best to make it look as good as possible.

All grammatical and spelling errors appeared in the original magazine, and fixing them would have been falsifying history. This is the original magazine's text, as it was, mostly complete and unabridged. There are a few articles in German in this magazine (you'll see them marked with (.de) in the index) - please bear in mind that I do not speak a word of the language, and any weird paragraph breaks or other oddities are likely related to this fact in some way. Feel free to pm me if I screwed something up, I have a magic edit button at my disposal that can fix stuff.

BitFellas Online Edition Credits

Editing for the web by Menace.
Special thanks to Bpoint (who extracted the raw text), Axel (who encouraged and supported the project), to bitfather Alien (whose keen eyes spotted the mistakes I missed, and made it all possible) and to KF (for the kickass banners!)


Zine #1 (and the series page) on BitWorld
Zine #1 on Pouët
Zine #1 on Break's Amiga Demo Scene Collection
Zine #1 on DemoZoo

The soundtrack by Spirit called "Zine-Sound" can be downloaded here.

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001 Adok
It may be a good idea to put the old issues online. At pouet.net, not many comments are posted to old diskmags, which makes me believe that not many people read them. If the articles are available online, then perhaps more people will read them and might also download the other issues. Old diskmags are sometimes interesting documents as they show what the scene was like years ago and cover historical events.
Posted 4/6 2008 - 16:05

002 menace
Updated with a download link for the original soundtrack, as requested by Buzzer. I wanted to add a link to AMP as well, but their site seemed to be down at the time I checked. I may come back and add that later once they are back online.
Posted 7/6 2008 - 17:20

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