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Interview With Spreadpoint

Amicom of Spreadpoint has been interviewed by Com and Orlando of Brainstorm at the Escpape and Spreadpoint copy party on Oktober 7th.

When did you join Spreadpoint ?
-A month ago.

Your task in Spreadpoint ?
-Coder, but in Spreadpoint everybody can do what he wants to.

For how long have you been programming on the Amiga ?
-For 2 years.

What computers did you work on before?
-Spectrum, Sinclair QL. I did some graphic programming with BASIC.

What did you program on the Amiga?
-A 3D-Demo (Summer of 88 for TLB), various intros and copiers for cracked games, Powerutility (sold it), a level editor for a shoot'em up, AMICOM-Kickstart (Antivirus, Copier etc.)

What are you doing at the time ?
-I'm working on Demo, called ATOM-demo.

What's this about ?
-Colored, shaded, permeating(!) 3D-Objects.

Your future projects ?
-3D vectorgrafics, 3D editor (ev. sell it), copier with multitasking capility, various utilities.

What hardware do you have ?
-An Amiga 1000 (1.5Mb, Harddisk 20 Mega SCSI), And an Amiga 2000 (A2620 Unix card, 68020 processor, 68881 math. coprocessor, 68851 Memory Management Unit, harddisk 80 MB SCSI, Modem 2400 Baud)

Tell us something about your Master Seka.
-It's based on the Seka V3.0 by Kefrens/Promax. It has been reassembled and revised by my collegue Buddha. The main advantages are: Better editor commands, a finally working optimize function, auto runback, the workspace can be changed without exitting the Seka.

Is there anything you want to advise to Amiga coders ?
-Unfortunetly, there are more and more good programs, recently, which run only on one special Amiga. So I advise to try out the programs on different Amigas and to avoid unproper coding (absolute addresses, selfmodifing code, DBF-waiting-loops running to fast on the 68020.) And I hate programs, which you only can exit by a reset!

Thank you for your answers.

Translated by The Accüsed/BRS

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #1" by Brainstorm 1989.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in october of 1989.

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