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News From England

The PC-Show

This years PC Show was held at Earls Court, London. Like last year. I was expecting to meet a lot of guys when I got there but the place was so big and so full of lamers, I had trouble spotting anyone I knew. After a short time I met with some members from Ipec Elite and Chaos ^ Megadeth (UK Crew) but still we found no other guys. There was not much interresting in the show, just game previews and free posters. The most fun was in meeting other guys. As the day went on more cool guys turned up. A member of Odyssey was caught by Activision with some copied stuff and taken off to a room. They checked all his disks then let him go with all his disks but the Activision cracks! Lucky... Nothing else much interresting at the show, a fight between Odyssey and Freestyle but that`s all. By 5 o`clock all the cool crews were waiting at the bar for info on the Red Sector party. By now my friends from Ipec and Chaos^MGD had gone home, pissed off. So I travelled to the RSI party with some guys from Share and Enjoy (Scoopex UK) and all the other crews.

Red Sector Party

The party was held in Hawk`s house, there were a few Amigas and some guys from Storm were cracking Scapeghost when we arrived there. There were a lot of new releases and a lot of cool guys here. Among those in the main place were... Scoopex, Bamiga, Jungle Command, Accumulators, Phoenix, D.D.C, Phaze 101, Vision Factory, Subway^Dream Team etc. I was by now a little drunk because people had been buying me beer all day at the show (thanks: Dan/Slipstream, Odyssey, Blitting Image, Ipec Elite) so I don`t remember everything all that well. Hawk was a bit pissed off `cos a load of guys had turned up without an invite (including me!) so at 1 o`clock they ended the party by cutting the power and telling everyone they should leave. Some guys had nowhere to sleep so he let some sleep inside his house (thanks!) and then I went to sleep. In the morning I left early and went straight to the show, this was just as boring as before, I gave a copy of Dragon Spirit I had copied at the party to Arcade Master of Oracle who went away to copy it and discovered it was non-DOS. Sorry about that, don`t blame me blame X-copy!

Cyrus Corp party

At about 12 o`clock I set off along with some UK crews (Slipstream, Chaos ^ Megadeth, Ipec Elite, ESA and Acidforce) to find the Cyrus Corp party. To cut a long story short, the party was a very long way from the show and when we arrived it looked like a shed !! Once inside there was a lot of copying going on, mostly the same stuff as was at the RSI party but this party was mainly UK crews. Things picked up when Jester (Quartex) and some others arrived but we left at 5 o`clock.

Overall I had a good time but the show wasn`t as good as the CBM Show, too many lamers and ST owners there! The parties were good, the Cyrus one was well organised but not quite as good as the RSI one. I hope to see all you guys over in the UK for the CBM show in November....


This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #1" by Brainstorm 1989.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in october of 1989.

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