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Interview With Phaze 101

Paranoid of Phaze 101 has been interviewed by Majestic/BRS.

A few sentences about your group, and its past.
-Since I joined Phaze 101 only four month ago I don't know when the group was founded but we previously were callen "101-The Maltese Hackers". At the moment we are only running a disk magazine and the only active members are only a few (the coders and the swappers). We (I must admit) have not good GFX Wizards or Musicians anyway some new dudes joined us but I don't know their functions. Ours plans for the future are to release some Music-Disks (really good soundtracks) and demos, both with coding byt me. We are also working on a game (I am working on it) and a megademo (by Torch).

What's the aim of your group?
-We don't Crack! It isn't our philosophy, we only try to do some funny works like demos, games, etc. Just to have fun with our Amigas.

A few sentences about your local scene.
-I don't know the Maltese Scene but for sure we are the only famous group of Malta. In Italy (where I live) there are many lamers but fortunately there are also guys like "IBB".

Your opinion about copy parties.
-Since 100% of C.P. are in foreign countries I never visited one but I think that they are a cool way to meet other coders from foreign groups. They are quite a good thing!!

What do you think about the police?
-Software police?? Hahaha!!! In Italy this word isn't still on the dictionnary! I think it's due to the fact that nobody really cracks progies.

How is the Italian post?
-Well, here in Italy we have one of the slowest post services of the whole europe and for sure the most unpleasant workers.

List us a few good demos.
-Unique (U.P.), IT filled Vectors, Level 4 (194 Bobs), Aces Triton's Demo, Scoopex (Glory Stars), Scoopex (Imagination Demo), Complex (Buttermilk), Deltaline (Vector Demo), The Band (TFC's Demo), Exact Cebit 89 Demo, Phenomena (Flumm Flumm), Tristar PS+VF+AFL Party Demo, Avenger Atomic Demo, Brainstorm (Metal Demo), Phaze 101 (Engine Demo).

List us the best, according you, ever made games on the Amiga.
-Rick Dangerous, Beast, Barbarian, Skate of the Art, Stormlord, Hybris, Superscramble, Sword of Sodan, Super Hang On, Powerdrome.

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #1" by Brainstorm 1989.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in october of 1989.

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