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Greetings (1)

Greetings & Messages here they come...

MAJESTIC of Brainstorm greets following people (no order):
-PARANOID/PHAZE 101 (Hello cool friend from Italy. When the mailman comes to my house at 21:00 or later I know it is an express sending from you. Stay cool!)
-VORTEX 42 (2 chewed up disks in a even worse envelope, a nervous hand-writing and maybe somewere in the envelope a tiny piece of paper saying "v42". That's Vortex 42. Your very cool guys and I hope you enjoy our Zine.)
-TSC/TRILOGY (I just started to swap with you, but Joker only told me the best about you.)
-MANN/BLOODSUCKERS (Hello Mann, long time since we started to swap. Your a good friend.)
-PEGAZE/BELGIAN BRAINS (Always nice sendings. Stay cool and keep on mailing good stuff.)
-JEDI CODER/PHOENIX (Bonjour mon ami francais. Nice demos keep the sendings of your good productions.)
-SIGMA/SETROX (Well here it is Zine! I am sorry for you, that you had doubts about this project. But now it's too late, maybe another project in the future. Stay cool!)
-BONES/EXEC UK (Hello dude! Been in contact only since a short while, send us
your articles, we will gladly accept them. Stay cool!)

TRUXION of Brainstorm greets the following people:
(In no special order)
-SPIROU/MAFFIA (Keep up the good sendings.)
-PETER/DIGITECH (Thanks for fast answering the interview, hope you enjoy our magaZine.)
-CHARLY/NEUTRON DANCE (Thanks for your card and your interview.)
-HIGGENS/DYNASTY (Thanks for always nice sendings) -TRIAZ/BROWBEAT
-GOOSE/RIGOR MORTIS (Hope to hear from you soon, your demos were really great.)

Messages from ORLANDO of BRS
(in no order):
-UNIQUE (Hi CAD. Thanks for your always fast sendings. Where is the next demo from your group ? I hope it will be as good as the vec demo!)
-MASTER CREW (Hi Captain Carlsberg,I hope that we can swap some good things.)
-AVOID (Where is the 1989-The Year-Megademo? Hope to receive it till the end of the year !!!)
-ALPHA FLIGHT (What do you think about our magaZine ? )
-GATE (Hi MPH. Thanks for your sending. Keep on sending...)
-ABYSS (Hi ROBERT. Keep up the good work and continue to swap with me.)
-SUPPLEX (Hi Condorman. Thanks for your mega sending. Hope to start a good swap time...)
-SILENTS (Hi Ice Lord. You send really fast!)
-SPREADPOINT (Hi Amicom, nice talking at the party. The Masterseka by your
friend Buddha and you is really good.)

BATMAN of Brainstorm greets the following people: (In no special order.)
-AWZY/CLONES (Thanks for sweets.)
-MAD/ESCAPE (Thanks for the nice math lessons)
-SAE/SCOOPEX (Thanks for sending fast the interview, hope you enjoy Zine.)

Due to the absence of some members some contacts couldnt be mentioned. But they are hereby also greeted.

(Our greeting lists continue on next artcle...)

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #1" by Brainstorm 1989.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in october of 1989.

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