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About Us

The story is true.... Brainstorm.

Hello fellow reader, here comes the story lying behind Brainstorm. The concept of a group started in two people's brains, those people were CHESTER & MAJESTIC. This was about one year ago, and we were as you might say lame. MAJESTIC still coded in C (great routines like turning the screen color to black), while CHESTER was drawing things which he defined as "Monsters". Then on a stormy evening while I was talking to CHESTER on the phone, we decided to form a group. It wasn't like "Pang" from one day to another that we started to produce demos, swap etc.. No, no, it was much harder. Then the two of us (CHESTER & MAJESTIC) went to the Dial Club in Basel (Kind of a copy party place), we met a lot of people. We met GRUBI (our Sound Wizard), for example.

Until May 1989 we released a few demos, but not under the name BRAINSTORM, due to the fact that we almost changed members weekly. With this process we gained some very talented people. COM a Ex-C64 programmer joined us. OLIVISION, TRUXION, JOKER, SPIRIT & SCOTT also joined us. You might say that we were born in May 1989, because that was the month of our first release called: LAZER ROLL (Coded by MAJESTIC (that's me); GFX by OLIVISION, CHESTER and TRUXION; Sound by GRUBI).

The summer passed, and we added one more member, ORLANDO our "system coder". He quickly prooved his talents with a great Bootmenu (one of the best in the Amiga Scene.) By the end of the summer vacations, we were joined by AXXIS. A big group, which consisted of a Swiss and a German Section. The Swiss section is first class. Great swappers like SCATTERGOLD, BATMAN, MIKE & COBOLD. A super Vector programmer: LUKE (his Vector demo might be already out by the time you read this). And a innovating programmer called BIRD. And, last but not least, PHIL. Pressure from the Swiss section against the lazy German section made the German section give up and leave the group. Of course, we didn't sleep in the meantime. We released great stuff ("Metal Demo" and "Sound Disk", only to mention two). I am sad to say that JOKER, a very good swapper, sold his Amiga by the beginning of fall. Now he is a great mental supporter on our way to the top.

At this point I want to mention that we intended to make this magaZine as a BRAINSTORM and SETROX co-production. But because some people in SETROX doubted in our talents, they refused (mistakes are here to be made!). As a result, the mighty SETROX coder called THE ACCUSED left SETROX to join the new force in Switzerland ... BRAINSTORM. So now were an (almost) all Swiss group. Two more members came from abroad: SHADOW, a swapping animal, and YANKEE, an article writer. Both are from Lörrach, Germany. (A town near the Swiss border). And surely not to forget is ODIE, a great comix GFXler (look in this MagaZine for his comix). And just yesterday I met another great vector, system, etc coder called ESA, you will soon hear from him!

Well, that was the story. I can say only one more thing, which is... BRAINSTORM is HERE!


This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #1" by Brainstorm 1989.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in october of 1989.

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