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by Axel of Brainstorm

Welcome to the new ZINE. It's been 16 years now since we released issue 11 and we thought it was about time that we released another issue. Admittedly though we've gotten a bit rusty at this. A lot has changed since we released this very mag on the Commodore Amiga, and while many other mags tend to ignore this sometimes, we tried not to. It was our goal to find a new way to present things, to reinvent the mag and to get the editorial content back to a level that deserves the term "magaZINE".

Needless to say, ZINE is about the demoscene, where various groups consisting of artists, musicians and programmers compete with each other in creating digital works of art that try to squeeze the best effects, sound and visuals out of a given machine - be it retro or cutting edge.

ZINE also is home to the fine line between video games, digital art and real-time graphics, as we have guests in this very issue ranging from SIGGRAPH's Paul Debevec and Tomas Pereira to games journalist Miguel Lopez. The fact that many people of the demoscene are also working in cutting-edge game development studios further shows that we've come a long way since the early 80s.

If you're interested in contributing to ZINE in one way or another, please get in touch with us at zine@bitfellas.org

ZINE 12 unites some of the finest talent the demoscene has to offer. Programmed by the gentlemen Smash of Fairlight and Hyde of Andromeda, with music by legendary composers Scorpik, Virgill, Lizardking and Radix, and with a summery title picture by Facet of Brainstorm, ZINE hopefully has something to offer for everyone. And maybe you'll even find the hidden songs from the previous eleven issues, made in times when tunes only had 4 audio channels and 8-bit samples.

A very special thanks goes out to ALecs of Brainstorm, without whom issue 12 would not have been possible. Many thanks for your dedication and help to wrap this issue up. Smash, Hyde, thank you for believing in this project.

I'd also like to thank Alien and his team at BitFellas for the continuous support. All articles can soon be found at zine.bitfellas.org. There you'll also have the possibility to comment each article.

See you all again in ZINE 13. It feels good to be back.

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