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by Axel of Brainstorm

In November ZINE approached SIGGRAPH's Computer Animation Festival (CAF) regarding an interview for ZINE. The person who replied to the request was none other than Paul Debevec, Chairman of the CAF. It turned out he knew the demoscene (check the interview with him here in ZINE 12) and after a while he asked me if I could help them to get demoscene content to SIGGRAPH's CAF in the realtime category. I answered that I'd get in touch with the groups and ask them. This process took several weeks as it also meant that we had to get high-quality movie captures and the approvals from all the people who were part of the creation of each production.

In the end I coordinated a "best of demoscene" list that was proposed to the jury, ranging from 4k's to 64k's and demos. The full list that entered the preselection process was:

Chaos Theory by Conspiracy

Final Audition by Plastic

Micropolis by tbc

Parsec by Frenetic, r0K, Sonic and Muhmac

Deities by MFX

Dead Ringer by Fairlight

Track One by Fairlight

Arise by Stravaganza

Five Finger Discount by Shitfaced Clowns

Aesterozoa by Kewlers

Electric Kool-Aid by Synesthetics

Aeon Flux by Synesthetics

We Cell by Kewlers

Don't Stop by Portal Process

IX by Moppi Productions

Fiat Homo by Traction

Iconoclast by ASD

Animal Attraction by ASD

Resonance by Portal Process

In case you wonder why for example Farbrausch's Debris isn't part of this list, then that's because SIGGRAPH's deadline was before Breakpoint.

In the end the jury picked Chaos Theory as the only entry going into the Computer Animation Festival, catalogue, etc. However, Kewlers' Aesterozoa also was shown in the theater and ASD's Evolution of Vision was specifically tweaked with alternate texts to welcome visitors to the Computer Animation Theater.

So, essentially the partnership between ZINE and SIGGRAPH has been a fruitful one and will continue to be, as we prepare the list of submissions for SIGGRAPH 2008. Thanks go out to Paul, Tomas, Carlye et al for having given us the possibility to present the demoscene to your audience.

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