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My home - my demo scene
by s7ing of Alcatraz

Recently I mentioned that the spirit of the demo scene seems to lose its magic. Sceners set standards that are too high and when someone wants to release something or has released something it will be discussed and judged in different ways or forums, instead of sceners just being glad that something is released.

People are discussing if Diskmags make sense today or whether their time is over. Group internals are also discussed in forums by sceners which are not even part of the group. It's like reading the tabloid papers.

Nearly all demo productions are released at demo parties. Sadly demos require so much hard work and time so that it is understandable that people would like to release them at a party. Real sceners do that to enjoy their demo on the big screen and see the reactions of the audience and not for the prize money - of course.

What is this all about? Okay - the time has changed and you are right to say that the scene must go into other directions or find other ways to avoid becoming boring. Many of these things have happened before in the last ten years.

Take Demoscene.tv, scene.org, pouet.net and bitfellas.org as examples. These are all projects which inspired (or stemmed from) the new demo scene; really good things which are a crucial part of the scene nowadays and which we don't want to miss.

But what is wrong in believing in the old ideas of the demo scene?

Where is the competition? For ten years we shouted "There are too many diskmags, too many charts, packs or whatever..." Nowadays you can only choose between two diskmags and one chart. Less competition means that the quality can decrease. I am not going to say that every diskmag or chart in the past was of good quality, but many of them grew with time.

So I am more than happy to see ZINE back again and I hope that its crew will do a good job and try to release it in a regular way. Hopefully Brainstorm will manage once again to bring back some bit of that good old demo scene flair. I also appreciate the good work of Futuris at the Savage charts and be sure that we in Alcatraz are also trying to bring back some things of the old school style.

I know that many people think of a modern version of online mags. Hopefully things which were invented in the past will find their way back into the scene and will find sceners who support them.

What is the main reason to be in the demo scene? It's not just watching productions that others have done. You want to be a part of the demoscene. You want to be creative. You want to compete with other people, meet friends at demo parties and share the same hobby with sceners nearly all over the world. That is, for many of us, the reason to still be part of the demo scene for so many years now. The fascinating thing is that the demo scene is still growing and always finds a way to awake our interest.

I must admit that the PC demo scene was boring to me for a long time and as a real Amiga Scener I would never deny that the Amiga scene in the 90s was the best time. However, I am happy to see a change in the last few years. Not only are groups like TRSI, Fairlight, Tristar, Rebels, Equinox and Nuance still around after so many years, but also groups like Brainstorm, Polka Bros. and Andromeda have come back into scene life.

Groups like Farbrausch, Kewlers, ASD, Conspiracy, MFX, Synesthetics and The Black Lotus have brought me many pieces of great demo art. I hope that the scene will, in the future, not just consist of these groups. Don't get me wrong, these are top groups with top productions, but seeing some more nice stuff from other groups would be more than appreciated.

So finally I could say once again "my home - my demo scene." I'm looking forward to bringing back the real scene spirit and enjoying the old as the new ideas which will come. Let's keep this funny thing called demo scene alive !

Keep on Movin`

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