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Scene on TV
by s7ing of Alcatraz

It's interesting to see how the scene has changed over the years. We are now seeing some of the things which we dreamed of in the middle of the 90's in the computer demo scene. What should I say: some dreams come true.

10 years ago I wrote an article asking what you would think about the computer scene on TV. Just read on to see what I thought of some years ago:

"What would you think about a TV station only for our scene? It sounds a bit weird, but nothing is impossible these days. The scene is getting more and more commercial, so is it so absurd to talk about having our own TV station?

"This is just an idea, but imagine this as a possibility: The Party VII will be held in Denmark and a TV team will be there to report live from the party place with Interviews, party opinions and many things more. Twice a day there will be a 'News of the Day' so you can hear what's happening in the scene: when and where the next party will be held, who joined which group or other interesting things.

"Series like 'The Greatest Hits' will run the best old and classic demos. After midnight will be 6 hours of non-stop demos. The best 10 demos as voted in Eurocharts will be shown together. Musicians can compete live in a show and the public outside the party can vote by just dialing the number of the tune on their phones.

"You can see that there are many possibilities for this fictional idea. It would be very cool if there was a TV station just for us, but I think it will only be just a dream. But dreams can come true... (Or how was it, Fairlight?)

"That was just a step into the future. We will have to wait and see what will happen with the scene in the next few years. So just stay right where you are and wait..."

That was 1995. Now, we step from the past into present and what can I say? Demoscene TV is amazing! A project which I thought of many years ago comes true. Demoscene TV is reporting from many scene parties, getting interviews with sceners and the whole day demos are running. And not just on one channel either. Wow!

Thanks to the Demoscene TV team for this project. Please keep up your great work! It is just great to be able to watch parties although you are not at the party place. Not everyone has the chance to be at every party worldwide. So now you can sit at home, invite some friends, drink a beer and see the transmission of the party live. Great!

So what should I think about now? What could change in the next 10 years? Maybe a cinema film on the computer scene? A remake of TRON starring with some known sceners? Chaos, Irata, TMB, XXX as actors? The music made by Kyd & Balle, Chromag or Virgill? The directors book written by Mop, Rockdazone or Macno? We will see where the scene will lead us...

And maybe, years later, I will once again look back into the past...

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