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Credits - ZINE 14
by ZINE staff

Download the pdf here

Axel of Brainstorm

Menace of Spaceballs

Engine Design & Code
FishGuy876 of Brainstorm

Design and Layout
prm and Critikill of Brainstorm

Production Assistant/Copy Editor
Epec of Brainstorm

Mikael Fyrek, C-Jeff, Hansee, and Scott of Brainstorm, and Willbe.
Intro Jingle: BitArts

Title picture
Prowler of Brainstorm

Web Edition Programming
Breakpoint and Pride of Brainstorm

Web Edition Design
Pride of Brainstorm

Web Edition Content Conversion
Menace of Spaceballs and Breakpoint of Brainstorm

FishGuy876 would like to thank: Shoecake, Frank Vanden Berghen, Breakpoint, Jack Daniels, & Captain Morgan. Also a BIG "THANK YOU" to BitArts and deathy - for getting me into this mess! Hehe!

Special Thanks to 4sceners.de and Slengpung for picture material.

We would also like to thank all authors who contributed to this issue.
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