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The Lightshaft Diaries
by Ubik of Elude

Download the pdf here

The following diary will give you some insights into the development process of Lightshaft, Elude's Amiga demo that ranked 2nd at Breakpoint 2009.

March 15th
Ufff... yep - the fun begins. For the beginning I tried to practice moving skyboxes. It looks quite pretty for a start. I thought that there would be some problems with that, but all proves easy to do. Chaser sent me his first attempts at music.

March 16th
Since early this morning I have been listening to a crying Kiero. He messed up some code, and of course he doesn't know where. The only thing that he knows is that it is not working. Today I am trying to make an animated skybox with industrial interior of some factory or something like that. Browsing google I saw a nice picture of a girl with flowers on the back. That inspired me to make a similar model - nice contrast to the dark, industrial scene.

March 17th
Kiero sent me the first two animations with effects that he was working on. Landscape and ribbon lighting a hexe field. It looks quite nice. We attempt to put the factory scene into Kiero's engine. After some fixes, it all works pretty well.

"Another day, another scene"

March 18th
Another day, another scene. Today I made a wall with telephone cables - nothing special.

March 20th
We started creating a lit tunnel. Before we came up with something satisfactory, we changed models/textures a few times. After all this it is looking really good. I tried to make yet another movable skybox - a subway tunnel (after all this - we decide to not include this scene in the demo).

March 21st
Another attempt on the scene with the wall. We tried to make two different textures with some gradient diffusion - so I must change some things.

March 22nd
I basically have not done anything today - laziness is a blessing. Kiero fights with yet another effect - lightning ball - the only thing I do is ...cheer?!...

March 24th
Chaser sent me a new version of the music. Really good stuff. When we tried to make another scene - It turned out that it's impossible to put all our ideas in one place (about a 1k faces scene, lots of textures, and ball with bolts). So, we decide to replace the ball with the ribbon.

March 25th
Today I try to make a storyboard. It's high time to write down all effects and scenes which we already have, and which we must still create.

March 26th
And we have a final name - "Lightshaft" (changed from "Angst").

March 27th
It's probably our most "busy" day. Kiero watched Rambo3 (lol!). Today Chaser came to visit me, so we drank a beer, ate some fat food, and watched old amiga demos.

March 29th
Well - today I made a hi-poly statue - Baking textures, optimizing shapes. I also fixed some parts with the room/library. I found some polygons which I can delete.

March 30th
Today I made a tunnel with rotating rings and a glow effect it looks nice!

April 2nd
We started some testing with a growing object. Unfortunately when I made the model, I made some mistakes, and and it all didn't come together as I had hoped. Even worse, Kiero decided to make his own synchro of camera and music.

April 3rd
One day until BreakPoint - Ok, I confess... I'm angry, confused, disappointed.... hard to tell - generally it's not good. There is no time and we must delete two effects. I really seriously think about canceling this demo, and (a little bit) ... whine?! - Kiero is also disappointed.

A few hours until we leave for the airport. We sit and try to fix some little bugs (for example Kiero forgot to put in a "loading" screen)!
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