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Interview With Cave

Proxt of CAVE was interviewed by Majestic of Brainstorm.

The story of your group:
-A few days ago we changed our group name from Panzerfaust to Cave. I have recently joined Panzerfaust, but I know that Panzerfaust have been alive for quite a while. Before I joined in Panzerfaust I was with Rebels. In this group I made the demos "Pirazy" and "Tragic Magic" and an intro called "Gillies Gothic".

What's your function in the group?
-I am the only member in Denmark, so far. Therefore I code, swap and make grafix all by myself.

What do you think about your local Amiga scene?
-Here in Denmark the biggest groups are not that big anymore. They don't release so much stuff anymore. Groups like Trilogy, Dexion, Rebels, Triangle and Kefrens don't release as much stuff as they did when they were big. The Danish groups don't really swap with each other, because the stuff we get is almost the same.

What's your opinion on demos?
-I simply love demos. I have 650 single demos and 45 megademos. I guess that
makes me a REAL demo-freak. I only swap demos with my contacts!

List us the best demos you have seen in the last few months.
-The Red Sector Megademo, Bobscroll by Phenomena, Atron's first demo, Blitshit demo by Reaction, an intro from Electrics. The incredible Hulk demo by Taus of Rebels, Harley Davidson by Cosa nostra, the Welcome demo from Panzerfaust which was created in one day, a Sinus intro from Vision and an intro from ICS.

Tell us the most original recent demos.
-There was a little part in the Red Sector megademo with a little worm, which bounces on to the middle of the screen. Here it stops, breaks a wind and hurries out of the screen again. I think this is a new feature in megademos. On the single demo scene I think it must be the D-mob bob demo. They have done
a bobdemo where they don't think about how many bobs are on screen, but how the bobs look.

Tell us what you know about the American scene.
-The American scene is a lot about BBS's started by people all over the world. They mainly crack games and they are not that fond of demos. They don't have the PAL area of the screen.

Have you got anything good to tell us about other scenes?
-I think it is good that the other Scandinavian countries have groups, who release a LOT of demos. It seems that Finnland is growing a lot these days. Who knows, in a few months they might be the biggest demoproducing country
in the world!!! I think that Sweden is the one at this point.

Have you heard any good, bad or important rumors lately?
-I have heard that Rebels are trying to get groups in other countries like Belgium. They have also started a war against Orion 5. I don't know why. Also Rebels didn't have enough energy to release another megademo so they have started to release the demos which were finished (The Hulk one and their new intro).

Triangle Denmark are about to release a lot of demos. Did You know that
Triangle Sweden and Triangle Denmark have nothing to do with each other?

Actually Triangle Denmark were using that name before the Swedish Triangle
began to use it!!!

What's your opinion about old heros like BS1, The Kent Team, SCA etc.?
-These old heros are legends. They were responsible for the fact that Amiga has begun to take over the Commodore scene. If they hadn't bought it and set their faith in it the Amiga would never have gotten as far as it is today.

Your favorite programmer?
My favorite programmer is definitely Sodan. He isn't too good, but he was the first one to show source listings in magazines. I learned to code through those listings.


This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #2" by Brainstorm 1989.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in december of 1989.

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