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Indy III (2)


After the speech, you will be returned to the front of your school. Upon arriving at Barnett, you should go to your father's house (click TRAVEL, then select HENRY'S HOUSE). When you get there, you will notice the entire room has been ransacked! Something awful has happend to your father and you want to know what! Run into the small bedroom of the house and take the picture of a cup off the north wall. Now, go to the bookcase nearest the bedroom and pull it down. (Hey, the house is already a mess.) You should see a small piece of tape on the back of the case. Pick it up. At this time, you return to your loving students back at the college.

Climb back into your room window and walk to the shelves on the left of it. Open the jar of solvent (use WHAT IS to locate it on the shelf). Now, place the sticky tape you found in your dad's home into the liquid. Again, you should avoid the annoying children and climb out the window! Now you can travel to your father's home again. When you arrive, you should walk to the table with the plant on top (to the left of the door). Pick up the plant and put it on the floor. Next, pick up the tablecloth and examine the chest below it. Use the small key that was in the tape to open the chest. Look inside it and get the old book. Now you are ready to TRAVEL to Venice and search for the second marker Donovan mentioned!

Ah, Venice!

Welcome to Venice! The first thing you should do in Venice is go to the library. When you are there, you should search for three books: "Mein Kampf," "How to Fly a Biplane," and "Secrets of the Roman Catacombs." (Use the WHAT IS command to scan all the books.) Now that you have obtained the three objects, look in the Grail Diary. The Grail Diary will show a picture of a stained-glass window. Walk to the same window in the library. (Make sure to get the red cordon and metal post before going to the next step.)

Now, read the Grail Diary one more time. Note the statement that is shown. (It will say something like "The First on the Left.") The diary is referring to the inscriptions on the pillars behind you. If the dairy mentions LEFT, go to the left pillar; if it mentions RIGHT, walk to the inscription on the right pillar. Now look at the inscription. There will be three Roman numerals on the inscription. If your Grail Diary said FIRST, note the first Roman numeral. If the dairy said SECOND, remember the second Roman numeral. And, if the Grail Diary said THIRD, then remember the third number. Now, walk over to the slab on the floor that has the same Roman numeral as the one you just figured out.

Roman Catacombs

Use the metal post with the slab. You should be in a room with three exits. (If not, climb back up and redo the last step.) Take this time to look at the Roman Catacomb book. You will notice there are maps above and below the wording. (You will know where you are on the map after walking around for a few minutes.) Exit through one of the doors and walk until you come across a room with two skeletons on the east wall. Look at the skeleton on the right. Now, get the hook on his arm. Keep walking around to the east until you enter a sewer room with a manhole cover. (You should have passed a room with a torch and a room with a slab on the ground.) Climb through the manhole cover.

Walk over to the two people called "lovers" (they are on your left) and look at the wine bottle on the table. Take the wine. You should go back in the manhole now. (Note: You may want to fill the wine bottle it the fountain. If you do, you can skip the next sentence.) When you are back in the catacombs, walk to the board that is filled with water and fill the bottle. Next, go to the screen with the torch on the wall. Use the wine bottle with the torch and you will loosen the hard, dry mud. Pull the torch and hang on! When you land, the wine bottle will break. Walk to the east.

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This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #2" by Brainstorm 1989.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in december of 1989.

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