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Indy III (3)


You should come across a room with a cork and dripping water. Go one more screen to the east and read the inscriptions on the wall. (Write them down; they will help later in the game.) Now, walk out and use the hook in the cork. Next, use your trusty whip with the hook. At this time, climb up the ladder and return to the screen where you filled your bottle. Walk to the door on the right. You will find a strange machine in one of the rooms. Use the red cordon to "fix" the machine. Then turn on the machine by using the wheel on the right. Again, explore the area until you run into a room with three gold statues near a door. Look at your dad's Grail Diary and read what it tells you. Push the statues until they are in the correct order (and the door will automatically open for you). Walk in the door. Soon, you will see a narrow stone bridge. (This bridge will be up if you did not turn on the machine.) Cross the bridge and enter the tunnel on the other side of it.

After walking around the catacombs some more, you should find a room with a bunch of skulls on a "table." When you do, look at the Grail Diary. In order to open the door, you must push the skulls in the correct order. (The door will open a small amount if you perform this in the wrong sequence.) Each skull is a different note from your father's diary. (Remember that you are Indy, and his left is your RIGHT.) Walk in the door and down the flight of stone steps. You will eventually find the room with the knight's casket. Open the casket and look at it. Now, walk to the grating on the right of the screen and pull the rusty lock that is hanging on it. Climb out out the manhole cover, again. Now, it is off to Brunwald Castle where you must find your long-lost father!

Brunwald Castle (German Border)

Enter the Castle and tell the butler that your are Lord Robert McFalfa, and you are here to inspect the tapestries. Then, ask him: THIS CASTLE DO HAE TAPESTRIES, DO YE NOT? Then, you knock him out. (There are other possible solutions at this point.) Walk off the screen to the right. Now, go down and into the storage room. Get the servant uniform. When you exit, there will be a guard outside. Tell him you are here to talk with the prisoner. Then, tell him you are Dietrich's successor. Finally, tell him he is leaking information.

Now go to the north. Tell the Nazi near the steps that you are selling jackets and you obtained authorization. Then, sell him the jacket for 15 Marks. Walk up the steps and find a room with a chest in it. Open the chest and get the 50 Marks. Wear the servant uniform and talk to the first Nazi guard on the second floor. Give the guard your painting. Walk to the east and go in another room with a small chest. Look inside the chest and get the uniform. Look at the uniform. Continue down the hall. You will run into another Nazi guard. This time you must avoid him or fight. (If you do fight, don't worry; there is a first aid kit in a room to the south.) After fighting, return to the castle entrance. (Remember to put your IndyWear on before going to the first floor.)

Walk to the hall and locate a room with a drunk Nazi. Allow him to give you the empty stein. Now, go to the kitchen (a room near where you are currently located). Fill the stein with the spigot (or keg). Walk to the hot coals on the roast boar. Pour the ale on the hot coals. When the hot steam clears, take the roast boar with you. Now, refill the stein and return to the storage room. In the storage room you should use the key you found in the uniform with the clothes lock. Get the grey uniform. Now, walk to the third floor. Wear the grey uniform and talk to the Nazi guard on the third floor. Keep insulting him until he lets you pass. Walk into the room of the head Nazi, Vogel (one of the first doors on the third floor). Give the roast boar to the dog. Next open the drawer and get the pass.

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This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #2" by Brainstorm 1989.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in december of 1989.

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