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Nightmare From Heaven

A new super (and horror) drug arrived in America : "ICE". Ice are crystals of Amphetamine, which is being used for getting slimmer. It affects the central nerve system. It is called "ICE" because the crystals have no colors and don't smell. It is smoked in a cigarette or in a pipe. Ice is more powerful than the cheap drug "CRACK", which exists since 1985. Crack gives you a kick for "only" about 20 mins.

Using Ice you have a very intensive euphory lasting for about 24 hours! A US drug specialist predicts: "ICE will be the drug problem of future." This new drug is coming from Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and the Philippines. About 20 months ago it reached Hawaii, 4 months ago the West coast of the US. The whole thing started with harmless Amphetamines, which are used only for medical objects since 1919.

In the 60s, they appeared as a powder called "SPEED" or "CRACK". Speed was the cocaine of the common man because it was cheap. It caused a High during 24 hours, but is wasn't very strong. Simular to Crack, the ecstasy is followed by a depression. But Ice is much more fatal than Crack and Speed. Euphory and depression are like apocalypses. Half the patients in Honolulu's medical centers suffering from psychical problems are Ice addicts.

"A Nightmare", says a district attorney of Honolulu ,"and most of them don't know anything about the long time effects." Ice addicts are very agressive. They punch against the wall and hit everything coming near them. They are a lot more dangerous than Crack users.

After the 24 hours of euphory, Ice addicts have a 48 hour depression with very fatal secondary effects like persecution mania, hallucinations, delusions. Most of them aren't able to speak a coherent sentence and show signs of paranoid schizophrenia. (And for German people who can't understand this complecated English words: Verfolgungswahn, Halluzinationen, Wahnvorstellungen. Viele sind nicht mehr fähig zusammenhängend zu sprechen, und zeigen Anzeichen paranoider Schizophrenie.)

There are a lot of physical consequences: Irregular beating of the heart, cramps, loss of weight, sleeplessness, high temperature and kidney failure.
(Again in German: unregel-mässiger Herzschlag, Krämpfe, Gewichtsverlust, Schlaflosigkeit, hohes Fieber und Nierenversagen). The dealers and producer make a lot of money. The drug can be brought to the street very cheaply. The chemicals it takes to produce half a kilogram of Amphetamine cost a few hundred dollars. It gets crystalized by decomposing it in water or acids. No factories, no expenses, just small huts and fire places. It's sold in one gram plastic bags (costs about $400), or in tenth gram bags (about $50). One tenth of gram is enough for "Flying High".

The Ice trade in the streets is fast and easy. The police caught a street-dealer in Honolulu, who had one tenth gram of Ice, a pistol and 55.000 dollars in his wallet. 50 dollars for one potion of a narcotic which can't be seen by anybody and which is lasting 24 hours is a fantastic thing for any junkie. It is very clean, you don't need no needle and no Crack houses, and you can buy it everywhere. It's just like cocaine in the beginning, it's something for the average people. A US drug fighter says : "ICE (and all drugs) destroy the relation between man and God". The addicts claim: "Ice is a drug, which origins in heaven."


This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #2" by Brainstorm 1989.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in december of 1989.

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