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Demo Tests

Hello guyz. Here's Electronic Force of M.A.D. writing an article for the great Zine of Brainstorm. I wrote it coz' Majestic is a very great friend, and I think that Zine is a great newspaper. I test for you 4 demos. Hope you like my (incredible?) test, and excuse my mistakes, but I am not so strong in English so.. Now let's start and have fun!

1. Name: Beast Demo, Group: Animate, 3 Parts.

Yeah, this demo is a really cool one. We could see 3 great parts. The first one is coded by the famous Dr.Dma. It looks simply, but it's really great with big bobs. We recognize the coding style of Dr.Dma. In the second part, it's again a Dr.Dma. part, but this time with great equalizers made with Copper. I have never seen this style of equalizer before and at the top of the screen, we could see a sin scroll. The third part is really great. It was coded by Drucer. On the screen, we could see the Beast presentation, with all parallax scrolling, but the Beast logo is missing, and Animate logo is here. I like the effect on the logo: In the beginning of the demo, the logo is broken. And when it is bouncing at the screen, it joins and becomes a good logo of Animate. I think that this demo is simply one of the best I've seen. Continue your great work Animate.

I like: 89 %
Gfx: 85 %
Sound: 84 %
Animation: 89 %
Originality: 82 %

2. Name: Laser demo, Group: Scoopex, 2 Parts.

Yeah, Scoopex strikes again. This time it's again a new production from the famous coders Shark The Master. Some messages are writing not like a boring scroll, but like a computer space (Hope you'll understand..). The message is very funny. The second part is another vector demo. But the objects are drawn by a laser. It's really fantastic!

I like: 80 %
Gfx: 69 % (Only vector)
Sound: 91 %
Animation: 81 %
Originality: 78 %

3. Name: First Demo From Finland, Group: Scoopex, A lot of parts.

Scoopex 'Generations Ahead' has got a new finland Division. They made their first demo. When I loaded it (from a Brainstorm pack of coz') I was very surprised by the quality of this demo. It contains fantastic animations. It's the best demo made on Amiga. The music is really cool. The demo contains a lots of parts including: New style of scroll, sine, 3D bobs (no bore), 3D filled vecs, etc.

I like: 99 %
Gfx: 89 %
Sound: 93 %
Animation: 95 %
Originality: 94 %

4. Name: Crusaders Music Disk, Group: Crusaders, 2 parts.

Dr.Awesome, the famous musician is back with his really great sounds. The Crusaders made a new music disks with better music and better coding. In the beginning of the demo a circle scroll, it's a very cool, but it's just the loader. Ouah! After pressing the rat, a great purple planet is moving on the screen with a really great voice. (Note that the purple planet was drawn by Dr.C of Red Sector.) and after the voice has finished, the planet is clearing slowly. A music like J.M. Jarre with a vertical scrolling and bobs. The action continues with a sine scroll beneath and at the top, a message with the credits and greetings. Tthe music is wouah! If you're pressing the F6 you can listen the music of the Crusaders charts november.

I like: 83 %
Gfx: 73 %
Sound: 90 %
Animation: 79 %
Originality: 82 %

Electronic Force/MAD

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #2" by Brainstorm 1989.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in december of 1989.

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