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Greetings (1)

SHADOW of Brainstorm sends some messages to some people in the world:

1.) Hey Predator/S.H./Phaze 101 : Hy Hansen! Keep up boozing. And send our holiday report, the photos, stuff, Wodka, girls, $1000.
2.) D-Tect : Hy Tom, Charlie, Terminator, Snowman, Chris, and of course a Mega-hello to Muusig - Assel (Hehe.)
3.) Hey Melly Mel/Mirage : Dead again ?
4.) Music-Steve : Yo snob! Please contact our musicians and ask for how to compose music.
5.) JPN/Level 4 : May be there'll be a cooperation later on.
6.) Powerstyx : Keep up sending, Exotic.
7.) TDM : Thanx for sending again.
8.) Hey Cad/D.Mob : Stay cool !?
9.) Hey Hyde/Complex : Please send more than one disk.
10.) Hy Shining 8 : Thanx for being cool guys, greet your crakkers (just kidding...)
11.) Mr.Acid/Ipec Elite : Hy!
12.) TLB/Powerlords : Hy!
13.) KJ/Geier/AOFCF : Are you really dead ? Yohhhhhhh...
14.) Living Color : Why are you fuckin diskstealers ?
15.) Pioneer/Setrox : Hy! Send back again one day ....Or die!
16.) Vision (Starwolf) : Hy! Send your adress again, man!
17.) Defcon1 : Hy!
18.) Brain Wave (Raistlin) : Hey!
19.) Random : Hy! Thanx for your magazine.
20.) Beyond 2000 : Hy!
21.) Complex 242 : Dead?
22.) Chris Korte : Hy. Hope to see you on our party!
23.) Exceptions (Mystic Master) : Hey! Thanks for cool stuff.
24.) Annihilator (Princeps): Thanx for mega letter.
25.) Rats (Xozet) : Arghhh! Please send faster.
26.) Xymex : Hy ! Now we swap.
27.) Supplex (Patrick) : Hy Punk!
28.) Apology of AFL (Zak) : Aren't you too intelligent for this group?!
29.) Mentronix (Ary) : Hy! Cool pd-swapping.
30.) Panties/image (Terminator X) : Thanx for greetz.
31.) avalanche (Gandalf 1127 ) : Fuck the police and your 'friend' Amigashark of Fraxion.
32.) S.O.S (Istvan) : Hy master swapper..
33.) RSI (Raymond) : Hy!
34.) DHE : ????
35.) Druids (Mr. Robert)
36.) Avenger (Adrien)
37.) Hellas (Poseidon, Socrates): Yo men, you're really cool! Stay so...
38.) Ex-Axenon : Hy Maik ! Hope we can meet on our party, and I hope you will show me how to code the best demo in business.
39.) Deathstar (Lewis) : Hy!
40.) Exodus (Stingray) : Hy!
41.) Scoopex : ????
42.) Demons of AFL : Hy! High Society? Arghhhh ...auf Papier ... Nein !!!
43.) Unix One
44.) Headwave : Hy Sven ! Send back...
45.) Attrium (Gamesman) : ???
46.) Darklight (Deelay) : Mega sorry for sending such a bullshit. Bin ein alter Lamer !!
47.) Also mega-greetz to all Brainstorm-members and to all those people who aren't in my ranking because of my little brain. Eh, I'm not really finished now: Sorry for my wrong greetz in our first issue of the Zine, but it wasn't my fault (better kill a person, whose name I'll better do not mention here. Hy Accüsed!?! (Just kidding)


YANKEE of Brainstorm sends his greetings to:
-Setrox ("Ey Moses....ab in den Kofferraum")
-Satan of AFL (Thanx to You and Your friend for driving us through Köln!!)
-Shining 8 & D-Tect (Where are the first cracks???)
-Camel (For the wild taste!!!)

Greetings from COM of Brainstorm go to:
-Contrast (Hi Maze, nice swapping partner.)
-Unique (Hi Starlight, keep sending hot stuff.)
-Brainwave (Hi Eop, good swapping with you.)

THE ACCUSED greets all the folks he knows. Come see me soon!

MAJESTIC sends regards to all his contacts!

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #2" by Brainstorm 1989.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in december of 1989.

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