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Zine #3 on BitFellas

Zine #3 (released on february 7th 1990) was The Accüsed's final issue as main editor; he was leaving to perform his army duties, entrusting the magazine in the hands of Orlando from the next issue on. This was also the first issue that actually had an own chapter for news. With its growing popularity there were also a larger portion of adverts this time. Other than this, the editorial content of this issue was comprised largely of a number of scene reports from various European countries as well as quite a few 'interviews'. If still a bit rough around the edges, issue #3 was probably still the issue where Zine truly found its form and its editors started to get a feel for what they were doing. It was without doubt the strongest issue so far contentwise. In what was probably an effort to reach a wider audience, Zine claimed in issue #2 that they would no longer accept German language articles unless they were extremely interesting. They've pretty much kept their promise with this issue, with only two German language articles this time around.

This magazine was originally presented in a very specific form - in a hardcoded computer diskmagazine. The text does not always translate to the web format as fluently as I'd have liked, but I did my best to make it look as good as possible. All grammatical and spelling errors appeared in the original magazine, and fixing them would have been falsifying history. This is the original magazine's text, as it was, complete and unabridged.

BitFellas Credits

Editing for the web by Menace.
Special thanks to Bpoint (who extracted the raw text), Axel (who encouraged and supported the project), to bitfather Alien (whose keen eyes spotted the mistakes I missed, and made it all possible) and to KF (for the kickass banners!)

Original Credits

Premium idea, initative, concept and published by: The Accüsed, Majestic.
Coding and artistic concept by: The Accüsed.
Backgrounds and logos by: Chester.
Text font ripped without any kind permission from United Forces by: The Accüsed.
Acoustics by: Grubi.
Articles written, collected or selected by: Various members of Brainstorm (For credits of authorship see last line of each article.)
Title picture drawn by: Chester & Olivision.


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001 Axel
Thanks for all your work on this Menace. I can't believe that 19 years passed since then.
Posted 7/5 2009 - 12:19

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