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Interview With Titanics

Hello dude! Sorry that I'm disturbing you but we only want to know a little bit about the Titanics team. So just relax, open a coke and answer all these questions! Let's go... (Interviewed at the TITANICS HQ meeting 18.11.89 in Hamburg with all german members).

When were Titanics founded and by who?
-Titanics were founded in April 89 by all members of the OBELISK CREW and XCALIBUR. To get this name we had a lot of trouble because everybody wanted another name. Great Guru wrote a program especially for that purpose. So we found our new name. Titanics UK was founded in late September '89.....we'll see soon productions of them.

How many contacts do you have?
-I don't know exactly, but there are a lot, maybe too much. But we'll reduce the contacts up to 60% when we got a spreader in Hamburg.

What do you think about the actual scene?
-We think it's not funny if two groups like Paranoimia and Quartex have real fights on copy-parties (like in Cologne at the Amiexpo). Such things can easily destroy the scene. Be careful.

Do you think that it's correct to pay crackers, coders like some elite groups?
-Lame groups should pay for the latest stuff because many groups have to buy originals. But generally we are against such bullshit!!

What is for you the most important thing in the scene?
-Havin' fun and becoming famous.

For you, what are the best...
Groups? -Red Sector Inc., Quadlite, Spreadpoint
Crackers? -Quartex & Paralamia (they are fast but very big snobs)
Coders? -Goldfinger & Great Guru of Titanics and Delta of Red Sector.
Musicians? -Jack & Great Guru of Titanics, Walkman, Fred ,Andreas Starr, Mark II
Gfx artists? -Mark Coleman, J.D.Sachs, O.Peterman (Clownomania)
Games? -The soon coming game from Rainbow Arts (I played it on AmiExpo but I forgot the name), Battle Squadron, Xenon II, Rainbow Islands

Do you have a modem? How many bauds?
-We have all together 20400 bauds (4*2400, 1*1200, 1*9600)

What are your ambitions for the future?
-Most time is spend for commercial productions and several lame games coded in boring periods. Titanics UK does more commercial coding especially for Psygnosis. The grop will release more and better Demos..wait for the "Blopp" and the music in it..we will surprise you!

Is Titan Trax 2 is soon finished?
Yepp, sooooooooon!

Is Titanics going to crack games in the future?
-NO! We've no original suppliers and we want to stay legal at all.

What do you think about copy-parties?
-Some members of Titanics like copypartys others not. But the lamest party we've ever been at is the Paranoimia paddyy in Köln (AmiExpo).

What are your special hobbies?
-Private. Not for commercial use ! (Lechz)

What are you going to release for the future?
-New cool Demos and the REAL MEGABLAST tune (the one of Xenon II sucks) TitanCrunch V1.2 (comming soon) and more.

Now it's the end, a word for all amiga freaks?
-First of all we want to excuse us by all our contact for our lame swapping, but this is because of no swapper. So if anybody in Hamburg want to join us as swapper: Contact us. And at last a little word from Obelisk: 103 Ihr Kisten !!!

Ok that's all...


This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #3" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in february of 1990.

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