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Interview With Alcatraz

Metalwar of ALCATRAZ was interviewed by THE EDGE of BRS.

When was Alcatraz founded?
-In the beginning of 1988, and after a lond silence the legend continues ! (Mötley Crew Team is the new name of Alcatraz)

What are the current members?
-Skyman, Moby, Diskbuster, Bitmaster, PGCS, Helix, New generation, Greg, Triad, Hornet, Devils, Magnetix, Nifty Nit, Brothers, and of course Metalwar!!

Are you looking for some more people?
-We only search for good coders and a excellent graphic artists for my future game.

What are your future projects?
-Lots of cool and nice demos, A disk-magazine (Not as nice as ZINE, at the moment..), The Megademo #4, and of course... The Brainstorm-Alcatraz Mega Eastern Party!! (on April 14-15-16 '90 in Aubonne, Switzerland)

How would you categorize yourselves in Switzerland and in the world?
-The project of Alcatraz is not to be number one ! We are ourselves!!

Let's start with the personal questions. What's your function in ACZ?
-I'm coder and organizer.

How old are you?
-I am ... (hesitation) 21, I think !?! Oh! Yes, that's right !!!

What's your hardware?
-2 Amiga 1000, 2.5 Mega RAM, about 800 disks, TV and VCR. I used to have an Atari ST.(pure shit!)

Can you give us a little list of all your computers you had?
-Yeah! Let me see: ZX-81, TI-99, Atari 600 XL, Atari 700 XL, (ed's note: XL stands not for Extra Large, but Extra Lame!) an Archimede, and of coz two Amiga'S..

What things do you hate?
-Bugs in my sources!, water- potatoes, shit-parties, bad TV game shows with lot of expensive prizes!

Give us your opinion about rippers and lamers?
-Rippers are lamers!!

What do you think about the Swiss scene?
-The best are: Setrox (forever), Brainstorm (Ed: Thanx!), and of course Alcatraz..

List us some of the best demo groups.
-Unique, Public Enemies, Phenomena, Red Sector, Treath, Scoopex, Silents.

What are your hobbys besides of computers?
-Soccer, Videos, Electronics, Driving Cars!!

Who are, according you, the best groups?
-Vision Factory (For all!), Paranoimia (Becoz they have money!), Quartex (fast...)

Do you have BBS's?
-BBS? Yes,we've two...I think?! But they aren't in use at the moment!

What do you think about phreaking?
-We have a phreaker.. that's all..

What are your favorite computer mags?
-D.I.S.C (Level 4), Zine, Accession old mag (don't remember its name)

What is your favorite drink and your favorite meal?
-Meat Fondue, Cheese Fondue, Chinese Fondue, Coke!!

O.K, I haven't any questions left, so I think that's all!
-Ah bon! OK! Heu! Oh yes, so good bye...

OK Good bye and thanxx for your answers... SCRITCH...TUT..TUT...

The Edge/BRS

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #3" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in february of 1990.

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