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I think it's time again to write some bullshit for the Zine, said Shadow of Brainstorm and did his task very well ! He wrote s.th. about the so-called 'Grufties'. Why are they called like this? Well, the average 'Gruftie' has got wild black hairs, a painted face (Heisst to paint schminken?), totally black clothes and a black soul (just a joke!). In fact all grufties I know are cool guys and very nice girlies ... they look like death people, who do live again. You can say, that they do come fresh from a 'grave'. Arhghhhhh! A zombie ! Some hardliners of them do have a coffin in which they do sleep in. But most of them are not diabolic, they are just persons who can not accept the world of today! It is funny but most of the so-called 'Spiessers' are afraid of the 'Grufties'. But the 'Gruftie' just represents the world of today, with his competition in which only the best do survive. Hy Quartex!

But they do not want to leave the society, as most of the 'Grufties' do work to earn the money for their life. They do not want to be the same as all other so-called fringe groups. They represent a completely new way of living! They are not as violent as e.g. the skins ! They are good friends with nearly all the other fringe groups. Well, the big time of the 'Grufties' - who all are adicted to the color black - started with the 'Neuen Deutschen Welle'. Some famous songs were: "Da Da Da", "Ich bin der goldene Reiter" etc. There were groups with names like: DAF, Geier Sturzflug, Nena etc. Then there was a new generation: the 'Grufties'. They listen to music like Sisters Of Mercy, Alien Sex Fiend, The Cure, just to name a few. Also a completely new instrument entered the studios: The Computer. And with this this instrument there came also the technofreaks (like me!). Famous groups are: Frontline Assembly, Anne Clark , The Klinik, Front 242... Well that's all .... got no more time to write bullshit .... if you wanne swap and for more 'Gruftie' information write to me, greetings to all contacts, special hy's to all Brainstorm members (especially all swappers!), Hellas, Ipec-Elite, Complex, D-Tect, D.Mob, S.H./phaze 101... For more greetings look out in another demo-scroller .... (hab es endlich geschafft Chester die Greetings Stand Anfang Januar zu schicken!)


This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #3" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in february of 1990.

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