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If you want your advertisement to
be published in the Zine, then
don't forget to send the money,
too. One advert like the ones you
see here costs only DM5/sFr5 or $3(U.S.).#
Ask us for the prices for bigger
ones. But don't forget, if you
write an article for us, you get
one advert for free! So send us
your articles on a disk, together
with the ad (all as ASCII-Files!).#
If you want your disk back again,
then don't forget to send money for
the return stamps. You will get the
disk back with the next Issue of the
Zine. If you have one of our members
as a contact, then write this, so
we can give him the disk, he will
send it back to you. So you will not
have to pay the return stamps.
Ads without money will not be published

Write to:

PLK 049802-C
D-7858 Weil am Rhein

* --- PAPILLON --- *
* I've got the best Sources, *
* Megademos, Sounddisks, *
* Kickstarts and Disk-Mags. *
* Send one formated Disk and *
* Back-Postage to: *
* Sascha Zaja; St.Martin 40 *
* D-8100 Garmisch-Part. *
* Tel.: 08821/73938 *
For the hottest stuff write to:
Mr.Turnip of Lazer
PLK 022723 D No disk=
D-4426 Vreden No answer!

Contact CABE for hot stuff at:
Cabe (Iceland HQ)
P.O.Box 9032
129 RVK, Iceland
Disks=101 % reply.
For swapping the latest stuff
with BYTE BUSTERS write to:
PLK 036931 D
8972 Sonthofen 1
PS: We are searching for Member
all over the world !

--Beyond Logic--
New American Group searching
for new stuff (Demos,Games)
Also searching for a good
European Group to join
1125 Pawnee
Jackson, MO 63755
* For elite trading write to: *
* EXODUS (Don't forget!) *
* Poste Restante *
* 28120 Pori *
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Flotsam & Jetsam
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5000 Köln 90
Gizzy of Clones
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Gizzy of Clones
66320 Niemenkylae

The Moshers
are searching for good contacts
and members. Write to:
PLK 060157 D
2842 Lohne
* I'm looking for hot user *
* program contacts, becoz *
* I have enough game & *
* demo contacts! Write to: *
* The Hitcher/AFL(Norway), *
* Skarpsnovn.6,2390 Moelv, *
* Norway. (ONLY Proggys!) *

 ////////// MAGICIANS //////////
!Hannovers best formation are!
!searching for contacts and!
!members from every corner of !
!the globe. If u think that!
!u are the right guyz to swap!
!the latest stuff, then write!
!to the Magicians HQ: !
! --------- !
! PLK 186 201 E !
! 3000 Hannover 1 !
! West-Germany !
////// M A G I C I A N S //////

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This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #3" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in february of 1990.

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001 BarZoule
html error: Flotsam & Jetsam
probably because of <code> tag ;)
Posted 8/5 2009 - 22:59

002 menace
Hmm, yes, so it would seem. Thanks for the report, BarZoule. I'll look into how we can fix stuff like this for the following editions.
Posted 9/5 2009 - 7:52

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