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A Meeting

Here we are at Chester's home now it's 9.15 AM and we are tired, because we are here since 12 hours and havn't slept until now. Well we are all tired and we are 'voll-drauf-ohne-ALK !' (having-a- flash-without-ALC !). Here in this house are the Brainstorm members Majestic, Chester, Truxion, ex-member Joker (Now he's busy gaming with his Pc-Engine) and Orlando, who's writing this. I don't know what to write more, so I'll let another member have a few words. Perhaps I'll write something later. See you.

Now the keyboard is in the control of Majestic. Yeahh!! We are here in the basement of Chester's house. We have a few Amigas here and a super stereo. Currently I hear the Scoopex "Seven Sins" sound blasting behind me (great Sound!!). And just a few minutes ago we were eating some Spaghetti for breakfast (we are lost without a McDonalds!!). We have a few Videos behind us (no, not porno (that will come later hehe)). I only hope that the parents won't enter here (the place looks like a battle-ground. Disks, Orange Juice, Cola (Coca-Cola of course), etc is lying around here.) I am wanted on the phone so I have to leave this text for a while.

Ok, here comes Chester. I'm now here with Joker. The others are watching TV. A war between recorded Amiga-Sound and HeavyMetal-Music has started. Ok, I've won - Sound of Phenomena's Firefox. Now, the time is quite good for a little interview with our ex-swapper Joker:

CHESTER: You have a really stupid name. Tell me why?
JOKER : Do you really think so? I mean that Joker is the best pseudonyme for me, a guy, who likes devil jokes.

CHESTER: What do you do with your PC-Engine - Coding????
JOKER : What's your IQ??

CHESTER: AEHHHHMMMM....Don't know. And yours?

So, I would have asked him some more questions, but he's gone to watch video, too! Perhaps later more.... Meanwhile, Truxion and Majestic typing some questions for Interviews with some famous crews. Truxion fighting his way to the keyboard. Salute.

Here is Truxion sloberring on the keyboard. I feel miserably because I ate to many dry, rotten, tasteless and cold sphagettis. Sorry I have to go puke a few rounds. Arghh Pffrauuuf pffflauu splash!! %$!@$ SHIT !?^$ Truxion just puked over the fucking keyboard. Well it isn't my (Majestic now online) A500. Anway I stuffed Truxion's mouth with some more grousse Spaghettis so he will shut up for a while (just kidding of course!).

To inform you we are now playing some Setrox sound (Brockhaus Demo), ohh you say you don't know Setrox, I am sorry I mean The SACRED Setrox. (just kidding guys, you know your productions are cool!!). I see the Toked Away Demo (Rebels) on a screen behind me, 3 Freaks in front of that screen. We have been watching demos since about 7:00 PM yesterday (that makes it more than 12 hours, we have a lot of demos here.) We have about 413 disks here with demos, and believe it or not we only have 6 disks with games (Hybris, Battle Squadron, Katakis, R-Type, and Scorpio). As you can('t) see we're "DEMO FREAKS". And yes, I (Majestic) am proud to tell you here that BRAINSTORM will make a COPY PARTY in the near future. But nothing more to that here, for more information about the party look for the special article also in this issue. It is now 10:40, Truxion is now healthy and back, and will try to start to write some text. Trying.... Trying... Trying....

Truxion didn't seem to manage to write anything (too tired) so an other member must write on. Hello, here is again Orlando on the keyboard. Well, I hope, that I have now a few more ideas, what to write. Ahhemmmm. I think we are all to tired to write on, so we stop here.

Majestic, Chester, Orlando, Truxion of BRS and ex-member Joker signing off.

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #3" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in february of 1990.

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