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The Finnish Scene (3)

And we recieved yet another article about the Finnish scene:

We would like to tell ya guys about the condition of Finnish scene!! You know Finland is quite active in business.. There is cool demo producers, crackers, collection makers and new crews have been founded, for example: Unique, this cool group has members from: Accession, Go-Go Inc. etc. They produce very great demos and they crack! Animate, this cool group was founded by ex-members of Deathstar they produce cool demos and they crack too! Exodus, this group has as example members from: Gate, Altair etc. And they produce nice demos and collections.

Cave, this group was purely founded by members of Panzerfaust. They produce demos (he he) and nice collections! Altair, this group was founded by members of Team-X and Elimination. But almost immediately boss and one coder left them. They have produced one nice demo, but now they have been quite silent for some time.

And now something about older crews: Complex, coool demos!! Master Crew, they make collections and "demos" (getting better all time.. hope so.. don't get nervous guys.. -Archie). Team-X, they have many enemies (especially Predator! Some of Finnish guys have founded group called FAP, Federation Against Predator.) But they are still on scene.. keep up going guys.. Bloodsuckers, they have many enemies too. But BS is still alive! They produce funny demos (Nokian Nuoriso ohjaaja) and very weird scrolltexts. Nice work guys! Byterapers Inc ,they produce (have produced ??) cool muzax disks. Browbeat, they are quite dead at the moment and their tampere section left'em. And of course Disknet (Us!!), new members have joined us. They are from Byterapers (Jugi), Altair (Archie), Master Crew (Triax) and Nowhere (Eddie, he started Amiga swapping business about half year ago, but now he is pretty cool swapper (about 50 contacts).. -Archie) And now we are getting cooler and cooler all the time !! (Watch out for our new products !!!!) This was nearly complete list of the most active groups in Finland.

And now about the scene itself: You must know that Finland is very expensive country compared to for example Germany. E.g. one Amiga (Without monitor) costs here about 4000 fmk (about 600 pounds, 1690 dmk, 1000 dollars) So, it is expensive! BUT,there is good sides too. No software police!!, Not too hot climate (example now here is (outside) about -25 degrees, but girls are Hot!). Another good side is Fast post (except that asshole who delivers my daily stuff!! -Eddie) Yeah!! This means that in Finland we have very active and professional scene. But only problem is that we are far away from others.. and last.. we'll give ya a list of Finlands top ten Groups!!! Here it is: 1.DiskNet (eh?) 2...urgh!! maybe it is better to stay neutral on this one.. (he,he) OK, that was all you need to know 'bout our scene.. (we might tell about fake stamps, modem activity, Parties (Yeah!!) etc. etc....)


This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #3" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in february of 1990.

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