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The Swiss Scene

A little text about the Swiss scene.

There are not many bestknown groups in Switzerland. The leading groups are: Brainstorm, Avenger, DDC, AmiTech and Setrox. I don't know what's up with Europe, I didn't hear anything about them for a long time. There are lots of newcomers, who maybe will make their way to the top. One of them is Headwave, maybe they will challenge the Top-Groups one day. There also was a new group called Star, but it soon died. This group consisted of some old members of Alcatraz. There is a rumour that Alcatraz will start again. So let's see what the future brings us! Here are some informations about the Swiss Top-Groups:#

DDC: Very famous group, which is working on modem. Not many releases, but they are a famous group in Switzerland.

Avenger: Nothing to say about them. They are still a Top-Group, and making a lot of parties in the last time. (Rotterdam and Lausanne)

Setrox: Setrox splitted some time ago, and now there are only 3.5 mebers left. they are making many Trainers and sometimes a Demo. There's the rumour that one of their members will start a BBS soon.

Brainstorm: Lots of Demos, Zine, and many Trainers in the last months. Working on a Mega-Demo.

AmiTech: Modem-Trading and some Demos.

I hope I didn't forget anything and that no-one will feel angry about this. It's just an overview about the Swiss scene.


Since time doesn't stay still, I (Majestic) would like to add some new information to the already mentioned topics of Yankee.

The programmers of Avenger left, and joined Alcatraz. This doesn't improve the situation of Avenger since they wanted to release a Mega Demo. Avenger said that they will look for programmers outside of Switzerland, to join them. It is for now for sure that Alcatraz is back. I haven't heard a lot about DDC lately, actually I never hear anything from DDC in the last 6 month. Rumours tell me that DDC is dead, other people tell me that DDC is split up into a new group Prism and DDC. Anyway to close the thing I would say that there are only a few good coder crews here, and many crews which own modem and just 'push other people's products around'.


This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #3" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in february of 1990.

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