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Zine #4 on BitFellas

Zine #4 (released on April 21st, 1990) was the first issue with Orlando and Majestic as editors. The change made the magazine seemingly a little more focused, and it was definitely the best issue so far. This issue brought a complete news section, and a dramatically increased article count - of which only 5 were in German. Yankee was asked to leave the magazine before the release of this issue, yet quite a few of his articles were still used.

This magazine was originally presented in a very specific form - in a hardcoded computer diskmagazine. The text does not always translate to the web format as fluently as I'd have liked, but I did my best to make it look as good as possible. All grammatical and spelling errors appeared in the original magazine, and fixing them would have been falsifying history. This is the original magazine's text, as it was, complete and unabridged.

Notes on this edition

The observant among you may notice that a few articles are missing from this online edition of Zine #4;

Articles 56 and 57 ("Dirty Jokes") were removed since the material within would put us in direct violation of the law in several countries. Trust us when we say that you aren't really missing anything.

Articles 61 and 62 (South Africa Scene by Princeps/Desaster Area) came with a sort of "licence" saying the work may not be reproduced without the author's consent. If Princeps should happen to read this, and wishes to revoke the licence so that we may reproduce these two articles, then get in touch :)

BitFellas Credits

Editing for the web by Menace.
Special thanks to Bpoint (who extracted the raw text), to Axel (the Zine main man!), to Alien (for support, and the platform to make this even possible) and to KF (for the kickass banners!)


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