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Welcome To Zine Issue 4
by Majestic and Orlando/Brainstorm

Once again we strike to fulfill your dearest dreams. Information, entertainment, sex, drugs and rock'n roll. It's once again all here in yet another issue of this bombastic MagaZINE. (you may stop clapping). For all those antisozial Zombies which didn't get a previous issue of ZINE, we'll quickly mention the instructions again on how to use ZINE. Choose article by scrolling up or down the menu bar below (Use Joystick or arrow keys), press the fire button or Return to load the article. Type in the article number using the numeric block (followed by Return). If an article is longer than 2 columns then use your joystick or the arrow keys to scroll the article sideways. For the American Freaks try pressing "Del" to get the NTSC version of ZINE. Use Backspace to turn sound off/on. Press the Help Key to get the directory of the articles in this issue. We all wish 'The Accüsed' (Coder & Designer of the best magaZINE) the best in his military service. By the way, if you want to send some food, something to drink or your donations to The Accüsed, then write to :

Vermesser Mussler
Art. RS 35
Bttr 1
1950 Sion

(if you write from Switzerland, just write 'Feldpost' on the letter and so you dont have to pay for the letter or packet.). Remember, The Accüsed doesn't need disks or swapping offers in the army.

If you have an article or if you would like to get your advertisment published in our mag, then look in the 'Addresses' Article. Well, now I hope you enjoy this fourth issue also with the new producer (that's Orlando) of this ohh so astonishing mag...

And always remember:


This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #4" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in april of 1990.

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