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USA News

Here is just a little letter we got from the USA:

Hey Dudes !!! This is Birdman of Beyond Logic! Beyond Logic is finally taking off! Thanx for all the letters you Euros have been sending and all the great Conferenz Callz! Zine is the most awesome disk mag I have seen YET!!!! Sorry for writing so late but I have had some trouble keeping up with all the mail. I go to school 9 hours out of the day so I can only hack at night. By the way, Beyond Logic is set up as a Europ Demo Company and we only want DEMOS. My future plans for Beyond Logic is to set up a USA BBS totally devoted to Euro Demos. I plan to have it up by April, 91. I just got some more hard drives and I will be getting a 19.200 bps modem soon. I'll be sure to let ZINE know first when the BBS goes up. You wanted an Article of Life in the USA so here it is.

The Top 5 BBS's in USA:
1. Grey Heaven (No Group) Lord Delos
2. Alcatraz (Paranoimia) Al Capon
3. C-708 (Avenger) Forgot
4. Involuntary Death (Scoopex) LoverBoy
5. Plato's Place (SkyLine) Plato.

Best Demos:
1. Rebels Mega Demo Disk -- New-Tech HEADS!!!
2. Trylogy Mega Demo Disk -- The Cow Demo!!!
3. Paranoimia Great text scroll BOOT BLOCK!

Hacking in the USA is great these days but it's getting pretty dangerous. AT&T has taken some action to the AT&T card Phreaking in Europe. Of course, most hacking here in the states has always been really dangerous. The new ESS system Class 1 are going in everywhere. This doesn't help any. Was the AT&T crash a glich in the programming like AT&T says? AT&T had first said that other companies were given an AT&T computer access code by a mad AT&T employee who was fired a day before. These other companies reprogrammed the AT&T system causing most LD calls to stop for most of one day and night. I got this straight from AT&T employee who said that's the best info he had on the matter. Then AT&T said on the news that it was a glich in programming. But most Phreakers know the real story. A phreaker Blotto Boxed AT&T computer system. The phreaker was caught weeks later. The handle of this phreaker will not be given. Weeks later, the phreaker was caught but there was no solid evidence against him. This info was obtained through the Duelist of Amitech. It seems a new group calling themselves The LODE RUNNERS have surfaced and are spreading lame warez on lame and ELITE BBS's. It is rumored that a LODE RUNNER VIRUS comes up every 10 minutes with a lode runner character which dashes across the screen. I have not seen it yet so I can't say for sure. It seems that Aliance Tele-Conferencing has become very popular in the last few months. Phreaks know as The Duelist, Crusader, and Executioner have been sparking up these conferences. The Duelist has brought his group together on these conferences many times. I've been called also. I talked to Dr. Awsome, Members from Trilogy, Fairlight, Pranoimia, Exstasy, and many others. Dr.Awsome was quite surprised when we played his newest tune which he only wrote 3 days ago. He didn't even know that it had gone off his Hard Drive yet. Next we called some of the American software companies demanding to speak to their programmers. We had a lot of questions about their software and games which they gladly answered. Some of you who were on that night may remember the Guy from Titus software who didn't even know what his new releases were. He said "Wild Streets" would be out next month and we all laughed!! It was an OLD WARE!! Oh well, Greets to Alpha Flight, ZINE, and Amitech. Special greets to the Duelist for his modem.

(Letter from Birdman of Beyond Logic typed in by ex-member Yankee)

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #4" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in april of 1990.

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