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Clones Story (1/4)
by Brainie of Clones

This story is from Clones guys and their so called adventures. This story is just my imagination, but almost all characters are living persons. Awcy, Brainie, Ooze and Particle are from Clones HQ and Jukkis is from Nikki Corruptions of Clones. And now enjoy! (if you can) In England, in present day that's where our story starts. It was stormy night. I and my friends (Awcy, Jukkis, Ooze, Particle and I'm Brainie) So, Jukkis was driving car and we were just sitting and looking out from the windows, there weren't much to see. Just fields and trees. Radio was open and there came Iron Maiden's Stranger in strange land. That what I felt then stranger ... Hours went by and I was getting sleepy and others were too. We were driving in countryside and soon we should be in Scotland. So boring. I hoped we would find hotel soon. I wanna go to sleep. Suddenly we heard a great bang. Fuck! Shouted Jukkis. We lost one tire. I can't handle this fuckin' car anymore! Car just went forward like it wanted and then there was a big tree and the car was going to hit it! I closed my eyes and hoped that everything will go fine ... But no way! We hit that tree ... But gladly we had got our seatbelts on. Everybody was undamaged. But we were in a trouble because we were in Scotland in little road in countryside and our car was broken. What we can do? Bad thing was too that it was raining ... Jukkis said wisely (yes it's true) Let's continue with our feet. Someone must live near. Just take your nessesary things and let's go (this must be somekind of dream! Jukkis is talking seriously) I took flashlight and my backbag where was some things also I took my survival knife (Rambo knife, ya know) Other's took some things too. Rope, food, map etc. We begin to walk. Storm was getting worse. Thunder was beginning. Lightnings were illuminating sight. Then we saw crossroad. There was little gate and sign. We read that sign: Strangers keep out! Well, let's go in said Jukkis (Hahhaa! He is normal again! Grazy guy) So, we opened that gate (Squek, squek) It was rusty old gate. I thought there ain't nobody living, said Ooze. Yes I thought so too. Well, said Jukkis there is only one way to be sure about that. Yes, I know it. Boldly go where no man has never gone before ... (Sounds familiar?) Well, that wasn't true because there must have been someone! Well, I don't know how long ago ... We began walking again it was little road, trees both side of it. It looked really gloomy. Only owl's shout was missing said Particle. How right he was ... Then we heard it loud scream! Well,eh, what are we gonna do, said Awcy. Eh, well, hhmm, I think it was just some kind of bird's yell,said Jukkis.(I really hope so) We continued walking but now more carefully ... Then we saw it! In flash of lightning. Big and ugly and really, really, uuhhh,awful, castle (What do you think we saw?) Let's go there and look if anybody is home, said Jukkis. (I hope nobody is home ... ) There were large doors ... Jukkis knocked (Heart pumped faster and faster) Big silence ... I think nobody is home, said Ooze. And then doors opened (Aaarrrggghhh) There was man standing holding candle in his hand. What do you want strangers, he whispered. Didn't you see that sign? You shouldn't be here. It's dangerous here, he said (Heart is going to get overload) Well, uuhh, we drove an accident and we're searching for help, said Jukkis carefull .I'm sorry boys, but I can't help you, because I don't have car. Could we stay here over night? We don't have place where we could sleep, said jukkis again. (He is definately crazy)

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #4" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in april of 1990.

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