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Clones Story (2/4)
by Brainie of Clones

No doubt about it. Sleep place like this! That man looks like vampire) Well, boys I have empty rooms. You can sleep in them, said man with strange look in his face. We walk into large hall. There was little bit cold. Man showed our rooms. I'm so fuckin' tired and I'm gonna go sleep right away, I said. Others were sleepy too. I opened door and went into room. There was bed, little table with mirror, wardrobe (Cupboard for clothes if ya didn't know) I went to bed and began to sleep. Usually it last long untill I fall into sleep, but now I began to sleep right away. I saw strange dream: I was standing in large field. I heard a voice spoking to me. In a thunderous roar, it told of our creation, the time of the usurpers and of the first death, our test of steel and might. Saying in the time that is now henceforth called the resurection, in this the fourth year, a fourth circle would appear, alongside four who ride at the head of an army called the immortals. Together, forever, they would stand against the multitudes. And as the sky turned black, I felt the ground shake. And the voice said on this very day unto our hands would pass this hammer. A sign of our deliverance, and of our coming, for all disbelievers to see and to know that for us it's the end of the beginning and for them it's the beginning of the end ... And then I saw large hammer flying in sky. But I didn't understand anything. Then hammer begin to go round faster and faster and faster ... Then I woke up. I was wet. I need water, I thought. Still I could hear that voice speaking inside of me and I could see that hammer. What that means? There must somekind of answer to that! Then I felt myself hungry. Hhmmm ... Is there kitchen in this place? I wondered. Well, there's only one way to know. I must try to find it! I opened the door and walked out from my room. There were stairs down. I went down. I was in big hall. There were 3 doors. I went in from nearest door. It was some sort of livingroom. There was big fireplace. But no fire in it. There were rather cold. Strange that there wasn't fire ... There was one painting in wall. It was picture from old man. It looked little bit same that man who owns this place. Must be his father in that painting. Well, there weren't anything interesting so I left from that room. I was again in hall. I heard that somebody was coming down the stairs! I went back to livingroom I looked from door who was coming. Gladly it was awcy. Hey! I said. Awcy almost jumped up to ceiling! Oh, it's you! Don't never again do that! I almost got heartattack! Ok,ok, I said, what are you doing here? I'm looking for something to eat. I'm hungry, said Awcy. Hey, I'm looking food too, I said, let's try to find kitchen. I already looked here (I pointed livingroom's door) There were only livingroom, nothing interesting. Let's go in there (I pointed door near livingroom's door) Ok, Awcy said. I saw fucking strange dream, Awcy continued, there were funny hammer and something else but I don't remember all. Hey! I saw that dream too, I said, strange! There's something strange going on here. Two man can't see same dream! Well, we went in from that door and what we see! Jukkis was eating there! What the fuck are you doing here? I'm eating. Can't you see that? Said jukkis. I saw funny dream and I got hungry ... I and Awcy looked each other funny look in our faces. No! There is something strange here 3 man can't see same dream! I said. Don't think about that, Awcy said, let's eat! Ok, but we must examine this castle.

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #4" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in april of 1990.

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