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Clones Story (3/4)
by Brainie of Clones

Ok, later, later, said Awcy, I'm hungry! We ate and Ooze and Particle came to eat too! They told that they saw strange dream ... (5 man can't see same dream, or what?) After eating we thought that we could examine castle. We went to big hall again. Ok we have examined two rooms: Livingroom and kitchen, said Jukkis. Here is only one door left. Let's go there ... Jukkis opened that door slowly ... It was large eating room. Large table in centre of room. And many chairs. There was candle in table. And there was fire on it. There was one door. We moved slowly near it ... Jukkis tried to hear something, but no sound from other side of door. Jukkis opened door. It was somekind of store-room. Then we heard noises from big hall. All guys jumped into store-room. Ooze closed door. There was many boxes on floor and tins in cupboards. We heard that somebody opened eating room's door (Aarggh!) We could hear loud steps coming near to store-room's door! We must do something really fast, Awcy whispered ... then something funny happened ... Particle was leaning agains wall, when suddenly he went through the wall! Well, it just only looked like that. Actually there was secret door and Particle went through it. All guys went into secret room. Awcy closed secret door. And just in right time! Store-room's door opened ... We couldn't see anything because there was dark. But we could feel those ugly spider's webs ... And there was lot's of them. Gladly we didn't notice any spiders there ... Awcy noticed that there was lock in that secter door. He locked door. And just in same time somebody tried to open the door ... We could hear some words like damn ... Again it tried to open door but no help (Our luck!) We heard that it went away. It's maybe going to get some tools to get this door open, said Jukkis. Let's get out from here fast! Awcy tried to open door put he couldn't unlock door! Thanx Awcy again for great job, we all said ... Ok, now it's my fault that I locked this door? You should thank me, I maybe saved our lives! Yes, but maybe not! Now it's coming back and what's he gonna do when he see us here? Hey guys relax said Ooze, just follow me! What? We said. Here's door! Ooze said. Why didn't you tell earlier? Hah, some excitement guys! Ooze said ... Then light went on. Yes there's really is door! Particle said. He got flashlight in his hand. Why didn't you tell that you have flashlight? Nobody didn't ask ... Aaaargghhhh ... We tried to kill him but he was faster. He went into from door ... We heard loud yell and little time no sound then splash! It sounded that somebody (In this case it's Particle) has falled into water (Good luck, it wouldn't be nice if there was rock ... We couldn't hear and see anything ... I think we must jump after him, Ooze said. Ok,only if you're first one, said Awcy (women and children first ... ) Ok, said Ooze, then he jumped ... Flap, flap (He tried to fly ... ) Then loud splash! Ok? shouted Awcy. I'm ok, we heard, but here's ... Then nothing. We must go down or what? I said. Nextie was I and then Jukkis and then Awcy ... We felt into water. It was little underground river. We couldn't do anything it was too powerfull. We just tried to breath. We travelled little time in it (5 minutes maybe I don't know) Then at last river's speed slowed. It became more larger. I was able to swim to bank of the river.We were still in underground. I saw light and quessed that there was Particle. I walked toward light. I saw Ooze and Particle sitting there. Hi guys! I yelled. They jumped up scared! Hah, hah! I laught.

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #4" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in april of 1990.

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