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Yugoslavia Scene
by Night Shadow of Rebels, typed in by ex-member Yankee

Yugoslav Scene - "Hell or Heaven ?"

Many guyz think of us like communist bastards, lamers and all in all, they don't know anything about this country. I don't know a single hacker that is a communist, what will surprise some people, but that isn't strange for us. This country is in deep shit, but it's also heaven for illegal traders. There are no laws against "illegal" trading here, mostly becuase we have no software-developers and we don't import any originals from foreign countries. Yogoslav magazines are full of pirate-adds and everybody sells illegal stuff. There are even shops, where you can buy pirated soft. There are a few crackers here, but we have no original-suppliers, so they can't show the world what they are really worth, and that's a pitty because they could be number one, as there are no laws against cracking. As there are no laws here, there are many lamers and only a few crews that release demos and stuff. Phreaking is not developed here, in fact I don't know any modem traders except myself. I own a slow 2400 bps modem, but a HST modem will arrive soon. As you can see, there are no modems-imports here except the stuff some guys download for themselves. There are only 3 groups worth mentioning here: Rebels (Ex-Digital Force - that's us! We released some cracks and trainers, but now we only produce demos), Alpha-Flight (They are working on a new mag for Amiga which is in Croatian, and so far, it was spreaded only through Yugoslavia) and Coffin Nails (Section of Power Connection. Recently they decided to take more contacts, and as it seems, they are good enough to be number 3 in Yugoslavia). There are a few more groups that release demos and the rest of the lamers (the worst kind!!!).

I would like to tell you more about Yugoslav lamers. They don't know to code, crack or train, so instead of admiting that they are lame, they chance others' demos, cracks and make the scene here even worse. You can see many demos of famous groups changed, and you can see "re-cracked by Yu.C.S." and so on, and to make it even worse, stupi assholes are proud if they change someones work. As I said, there are many pirates here and most of them buy their soft from famous groups like Paranoimia. As you can see the computer-scene is very lame here. We have many problems with importing stuff. Our post has it's own laws, and if the letter is too heavy it must go to the export-post and you have to pay 63% of the value of exported stuff. We cannot swap stuff by Air-mail, because of the stupid laws our post has. I would say that Yugoslavia is one of the leading countries in illegal movie-trading. Only in my town, there are a few hundred shops, so called "Video-Clubs" where you can rent a VHS casette for only 7 dinars (1 German Mark!!!) There are no laws against illegal video-trading and VHS traders get their movies from all over the globe! But, unfortunately we can't swap VHS movies because of the above mentioned export taxes (for example: If I swap 100 VHS-movies in a month I would have to pay the full-price of 63 cassettes, what is extremly high!). I think I gave you the picture how the scene here looks like. It's up to you to decide if we are living in heaven, or hell...

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #4" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in april of 1990.

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