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World Scene Since 1987 (1/2)
by Raistlin of Brain Wave


For a long time, I wondered whether I could write one article that talk about the scene in France...But how many time did I saw this !!! Especially from the French crews (and my crew is a French one) ! But no, I won't write a boring French scene article... And this is a world scene paper. Because the year 1989 has seen more and more troubles and problems, particularly because of the cops and boxes wild actions. In fact, the worst months were December 1988-January 1989. This period saw the death of many leading groups, for example Ackerlight (which is creating games now under the name of Ackerlight Software), Thrust (which became Traitors, and a bit later Threat), Megaforce, and so on...The list is too long and sad. And now, except a few groups, what can we see ? Too many lame and boring crews like Nordic and French ones (no names !!!), that make boring intros and demoes. Where is the old good time ? I really think it died. Now, the cops are stronger than ever, and we're all gonna die (Joking !). No...The only way to survive in this satanic world (I think I'm listening a bit more Death and Black Metal...) is to keep his distances, and to keep only good friends, and to leave your address and phone-number to anyone. And overall of course, don't make the thing forever hated : The Software Selling. This is the only way to be caught by them (For example, I sold copies for about $300(=80 disks) to someone...Unfortunatelly, this was a cop...).

Some people say that having a modem is very sure. But have you ever thought about the price of the communication between Europa and the Usa ??? For this reason, they all use 'Calling cards'. For the instant, there is no or few chances to be caught by AT&T by phoning with cards (except for the freaking of course !!!), but in a short time, all those phone-companies will be able to trace you ! Then, they will all return to the fucking late (and lame) post. The leading crews on BBS's are in February 1990 : Paranoimia (The most hasted ones), Quartex (That is sleeping for a while), Vision Factory, Mad, Oracle, and the Balls boyz. Now, let's speak about the real meaning of the headline. Where are located the most important crews, and what do they do ? First, we all must admit that the country where are the best crackers of the world is the well known Germany. It contained and it contains the bests like RSI, Quartex, Paranoimia, BS1, The Champs, Thrust, HQC, Vision Factory, AlphaFlight, Doc, Storm (Fuck ya teeth decay !) and all those that brought us our real happy faces in 1987-1990.

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #4" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in april of 1990.

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