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World Scene Since 1987 (2/2)
by Raistlin of Brain Wave

In 1989, a lot of crews have changed their names by fear of the cops !!! And the running fashion nowadays is to be 'legal'. Yes, I must admit this is ridiculous, but in face of the thoughtless actions of the police, what can we do else to deceive them ??? So, here are the 'legal' most creative countries (cops hate groups, coalitions, crews, associations,...)...The first place is attribued to many Swedish, and some Finnish crews. (cops hate groups, coalitions, crews, associations,...) In spite of the big number of groups in Scandinavia, there is at least 50% lame and sterile groups in there. The best are Animate, Dexion, Defjam, Northstar (Mahoney and Kaktus wake up !!!), Phenomena, Unique, Vision, Humanoids, and all the new ones I've forgotten. There is few ones that can stay alive (Ah, there's Alive too !) more than one whole year !!!

There's also the fuck'n France, where started all the police troubles... How strange !!! After the death of the leading ones, there was NO CRACKING CREW for a long time (6 months). Then came Aces, Dragons, and some others that I'd better not to tell their name (You know why, I think). Then came the birth of a lotsa lame legal crews like APOLOGY, TOS, DEMONS, IRIS, DUNE,and some more others. Only one of them released some respectable works : Phoenix. Yes, but they dared cracking 2 or 3 stuffs,...(The one that has got power wants always more and more power...). The French boxes threated them, and it was the death of Phoenix...For the instant, the police is calmed, in spite of the arrest of Hoan/Quartex, a French cracker. Let's come back to the subject !!! There's a great growing of Amiga sales all around the world !!! So, the scene is now creeping all over the globe...South-Africa (Soon a Mandela-Crew ???), Brazil (Hi Kurt !), FRG, Iceland, Russia (but only 110 Volts energy !!!). All this is contribuing to a lame scene...

What would be the conclusion ? Perhaps that we all would leave the Amiga to reach another bigger machine ? As the beginning of the 'Professional' Amiga ? The only new machine is the computer that is called Archimedes...Perhaps one day we will met again on a new machine that is seeing a slow expansion...No one can say anything about it in February-March 1990... I hope I brought you some things you didn't know before...The things that are here are known of course by all the ancient people, so don't blame me if you knew all this. Okay guyz ??? So, I hope you understood my young English too (I'm 16), and sorry for the style I use !!! I wish I made less errors next time !!! If you wanna ask me some questions, try to reach one of our demoes, and write down the address. See ya !

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #4" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in april of 1990.

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