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Interview With D-Tect (2/2)
by Yankee

Y: At the moment we are, like told above, sitting in a chemistry-lesson. The teacher just caught Charly and he has to answer her silly questions. (God help him!) He didn't answer one of them (D-Tect-Brain?????!), so he got a very bad mark (6, the most worst mark you can get in Germany)
C: So here I'm back....I hate this chemistry, no chance to get a good mark! To the question above: We also will release a new demo (Y: The 3 months since the last ran up??? Hae,Hae). The old D-Tect legend Tom will release one, too!!!!? Our new member Twisted (Y: Musician) will get a modem and a Hard-Drive soon. Maybe he will open a BBS. Some Sysops of other cool groups (Y: No names?????) are also interested in joining us, but wait and see....

Y: I don't ask you which hardware you use, this could be a shame for you! (Hae,Hae,Hae!!) The next question is: What do you think about the Zine?
C: Aehmmm........Wuerg,Wuer,Wuerg, Help, Help!!! The teacher just threw Yankee out of the class-room (Hae,Hae!). This is a bad day for piracy! But there are just 5 more minutes left to the end of this lesson, so we will go on with this shit in the main-break.

Y: Now we are sitting in a room called "Schweigeraum", and Charly just wants to answer my question, he didn't answer 'till now. Will you????!
C: I think that the CJ and the Zine are the best mags, I'm always looking forward to the next issues of both magazines. In the CJ there are often the better articles, it has more ads and it's a legendary part of the scene. The Zine always has an excellent sound, respect to the Brainstorm soundmen Grubi and Spirit (Y: Just wait for the sounds of our megademo, and you will hear that they are the best soundmen in Switzerland!), the coding of the Zine is also very good. You do not always have to press left mousebutton, left mousebutton............ I can't say more to this, because I know very many of the your members, and maybe it would not be fair for all the other diskmags. Zine and CJ are the best mags, none of them is No.1 at the moment.

Y: Thanx for this, you will get your money later......... Which groups, do you think are the best in the scene?
C:Hmm, Quartex makes the best cracks and they are absolutly professional. They do it like a job, others do it just for fun. Defjam and VF are also very good. Tarkus Team is (for me) the newcomer of the year, and again a German group. Germany rules! Yeahhhh..... I swap since nearly one year with Tarkus Team and I could follow their fast way to the top. Best Demos come from Fairlight, Scoopex, Impact Inc., and of course from our great coder McDeal of D-Tect. He is a great coder, but he doesn't release many demos. At the moment he is working on a Disk-Mon. It will be the best, so wait and see........

Y: The last question: What do you think will happen with the scene in the future? Will there be some changes, or will it go on like now??
C: I love my hobby, but there is one bad thing: The Cops! These guys are a big problem for me and ofcourse for the whole scene. There are 2 scenes at the moment. The mail swapper-scene and the modem-trader-scene. Maybe one of them will die in the future. The problem is that the modem-traders are always faster. (Lame post!) Maybe I will buy a modem in the future, too! Send me some money....... (Hae,Hae!)

Y: So this wasall for this interview. Do you want to say something to all the guys out there, reading this shame for all human beeings?
C: Yes.....We are always searching for new coders and maybe for some cool modem-traders. So if you want to contact us, write to:

NoName (Don't write this, Baby-Brain!!!)
PLK 127270-C
7856 Ruemmingen

Y: So good bye (Fuck off and die!)

A few weeks later Charly was caught by the police! - CHESTER/BRS

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #4" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in april of 1990.

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