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Public Domain
by Arakis of Brain Wave


Just have a look of the main and most famous PD disks... We have to begin with the FISH disk...precursor in Public domain for the amiga...Fred Fish, an American, has already released near 310 disks His disk are full of every kinds of softwares: utilities, games in a lot of differents language (like Modula 2, lisp...), demos, pictures,music (cf 'Unknow Girl' on FISH 162) etc. But there is some demos of utilities often Preversion placed in the PD for advertissement. Nevertheless, the FISH disks are all under WB althought the softwares needs to be loaded from CLI. And no CLI icons are available under WB...That is quite boring ! Besides, the softwares on FISH disks are not really ludics... In the same idea you can get the FAUG PDS DISKS,the TBAG PDS DISKS and the AMICUS disks...

But at the moment, the european answer to the fish disks is coming to us ! UGA PDS DISKS is a great new pds disk...With utilities, demos, games soundtraxx, pictures really better and more 'Fun Style' than the FISH disks I think that UGA disk will soon be the best...they just miss a real spreading power...but get any doubt !! The spreading of UGA disks will be soon stimu-by the real interest of these PD disk.Until yet, public domain was quite boring and shit...but now it will be greatest. What ya have to know too is that demos/intros are public domain and are a real pleasure for eyes and ears...There is a lot of Public Domain softwares released by a lot of amiga fans groups. But the UGA disks are a compromise between the SCENE and the what i would call the 'REST'...So uga have some problems with groups...it is the same thing with 17bits software disks. In one hand you have the pirates creating demos just for fun and fame, on the other side, you have official and legal pd compagnies selling disks with those demos and for sure making money on it...So we can understand SCOOPEX and other groups which can not stand that their demos appears in that kind of disks. Nevertheless, freaks must be logic : When you make a demo it is for free-spreading and it is placed in the Public Domain. So you have to admit the consequences ! Now finished with international scene of Amiga Public Domain.


This time, I would like to talk about the French Public Domain amiga scene. Okay...In France, we can see the Cupertino's Action in Amiga PD spreading. But he is just an intermediary in French Scene. 'LES GOUROUS' makes Public Domain Disks...only 4 for the moment... But they wants to change the minds of frenchies in Shareware contributions. They encourage the french to create great softwares in french for the french public domain...Just take an example in GOUROU disk 4...there was french softwares: a mastermind, an adventure game and a great game called SPACE BUSINESS...we can consider it to be the ELITE of Public Domain. But all ideas are originals !!!!...Thy software can be loaded from french Modem Access...etc. The author translated it in English and sent it to UGA in Holland... still waiting for an answer yet !!! So in France, public domain disks exists but french amiga freaks don't mind to send contributions to the authors of shareware softwares...that's really a sad fact in France...but hoping that it will soon change !!

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #4" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in april of 1990.

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