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Impact Hard Cards
by Mike/Helvetica Sysop

The IMPACT Hard cards from Great valley Products Inc. USA

The first affordable, high performance, combination HardCard/SCSI peripheral controller for the Amiga 2000. Allows n internal hard disk to be installed without using one of those valuable drive bays, since it commes on the controller. This also allows an etraordinnarely easy instalation, since you only need to plug the card into your computer.

Here the list of Technical Specs :
- Combines ANSI X3T9.2 compatible SCSI controller and a 30 MB or 45 MB Hard Disk on a single A2000 expansion card. Of corse WITHOUT occupiing another peripheral bay.
- Available with 30 to 100 MB 3.5" hard disks. 19ms average access time on the 40-80MB drives.
- AUTOBOOT feature. Two ROM/EPROM sockets are provided for the Autoboot driver ROM/Eprom. This provides a 16-bit wide, zero waitstate, ROM memory with the utilisation of the Kick V1.3.
- Fully Aotoconfigures the SCSI hard disk Controller using the Amiga AUTOCONFIG protocol.
- External SCSI connector for conecting up to 6 external SCSI Drives.
- 16-bit wide Direct Memory Access (DMA) data transfer to onboard 16K disk buffer, provides high performance not affected by any other Amiga DMA activities (e.g. Blitter activity, overscan, etc.) This high performance design supports SCSI peripherals with a data transfer rate of up to 4MB/sec.
- Compatible with the new Amiga V1.3 fast file system. This speeds up all dive read/writes.
- Additional internal SCSI drive can be daisy-chained if required.
- Easy to install, high performance software driver, installation scripts and detailed instruction manual are included.

For a list of prices do look into the advertisement section

Now to the IMPACT A2000-SQ44.

This is a 44 Meg removable Cartrige Winchester Disk Drive which offers unlimited storage space troug the use of multiple cartridges. You can boot directly from one of your cartridges with the GVP-SCSI-Controller and the GVP EPROM Autoboot kit. The software in the EPROM allows you to formate the whole 44 Meg as one Fastfile partition. The software also suprivises the tape change and gives you automatically the the apropriate disk change command, if the tape has to be put into the drive. The IMPACT A2000-SQ44 is the perfect solution for storadge intensive applications like developing grafics or keeping a large list of music instrumenst at your fingertips, also animation and all the other applications.

Now a few Technical Specs.:
- Exchanchable tapes
- Preformatet to 44 Meg
- Unlimited Storage posibility
- SCSI-interface
- 25ms average access time
- Industry standart 5.25" size
- 20'000 Std. MTBF
- Transferrate up to 1.25 MB/sec
- 8K Data-buffer
- Read/write operation with a 1:1 interleave
- ECC and automatic retry
- Defect track and sectors management(in case you dog got to the tape)
- Selfdiegnostics

These are a few very interesting and promising products. If you do have an interest in aquiringa hard disk in the future time, the do look through our advertisers.

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #4" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in april of 1990.

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