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Interview With Brain Wave (1/4)
by Majestic of Brainstorm

The interview with Arrakis of Brainwave was done by Majestic of Brainstom.

1) Please introduce yourself.
I bought an amiga in dec.87.I'm now 19 (today, 3-29-90!).i'm studying law in the European University of Strasbourg (Faculte de Droit et de Sciences politiques). I'm the co-founder and organizer of BRAIN WAVE.Arrakis (with two r) is the name of the spice planet in the great DUNE... Also i programmed a french pd game tested in COMMODORE REVUE and in A-NEWS (MAY 90 ISSUE...).I'm now working on BLACK FLAG, a cool game with great graphics by Van Gogh ! Ok, over to Brain Wave itself.It was founded in november 1989 with ex-members of overgrowth and phoenix. Right now we are: A.Ch (coder), Arakis (organizer, swapper), Bytefox (gfx), lecolos (coding and music),tik (graphist), van gogh (graphist)...This is the french memberlist ! Note that we busted out a lamer called Raistlin. He is now telling that he left by himself, but everybody knows the truth! Good luck with him, Northstar, you gonna need it ! Also we have a swapper in Denmark (Krueger), a swapper in Great-Britain, Spellcaster and a modem trader in the United States of America called Sergent Pepper. As you can see we are only a few, that's why we are looking for new members ! We have even a spreader in South Africa:Fire Wulf. We would like some cool chaps to join us:Swappers, Coders, Musicians and graphists are welcome in BRAIN WAVE ! For more informations about us, french, belgian, canadian and swiss guys should buy a-news (april issue).You will find an article about us !

2) How strict are the copyright laws in France?
Very strict...France was one of the first country with copyright law restrictions. Especially on the software.Copying a software means very high fine and/or prison.You can easily destroy your future life.

3) I heard you had the cops in your house, tell us the story.
Ok....well, to be exact, a.ch was visited by the cops but since he was coder, they found quite nothing.So they phoned me to come to the Police station...there we had some explanations.There was even one of that guy understanding the piracy...But i don't like to speak about this story because lot of people could read it...you see what i want to say! But anyway, i have my conscience clear.

4) Ackerlight was probably one of France's Legends, rumours passed in late 1989 that Ackerlight would be back, tell us what you know.
Rumours? did you say rumours?! you know most of the time rumours=bullshit ! hehe... Well, I know those guyz well because they are living at about 50km from me...So i already met kebra (the ex-leader), mp67, overloader, h.syl, dagon....You can be sure they stopped all activities.And they are 100% out of the amiga scene.No more swapping...(except with XXXXX). Some members are working on games...but they are working very, very, very slowly (zzzzz...zzzz).Ackerlight software exists for one year and right now, they released..nothing ! But you know these guys still think they are the best...when I wanted to give ZINE to one of their ex swapper, guess what he told me?...he said:"pffff...I don't mid about this diskmag, ACKERLIGHT NEWS is the best"...that's just to illustrate the fact that they are not interested in the scene anymore.I'm not attacking you kebra!

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #4" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in april of 1990.

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