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RSI AFL Spectral Party Report (1/2)
by Chester, Majestic, Truxion and Com of Brainstorm

The Red Sector, Alpha Flight and Spectral Party was visited by the following Swiss BRS - members: CHESTER, MAJESTIC, COM, TRUXION

We meet us at 7:30 a.m. at the station in Basle, our hometown. The train for Luxembourg departed at 8:21 and so we weren't in a hurry. At 11:57 we arrived in Luxembourg. We went to the Information and asked them how to go to Echternach. They said that a bus leaves in two minutes. We said forget it (too much stress...) and asked for the next one. "In two hours!" - we ran with our A 500, the monitor and all other luggage to the bus station, where we finaly found the bus. So, we wanted to buy the tickets with Swiss money. Of course that did not work. So we had to change our money fast. And we managed it again, in 2 minutes by the way!

Arrived at Echternach (12:50) we have been searching for the 'Place de marchet', we had NO invitation! It wasn't hard to find the place but nobody was there. IRATA/RSI said to us, that there will be some guys waiting for us. Okay, after 5 minutes of waiting, there came some AFL and SPECTRAL members. The way to the party was quite easy to find.

At the party, there were about 150 until 200 people in front of their computers. The room was in a hotel and a little bit small for so many computers and people. We had problems to get a free table but, believe it or not, we have found one! Some releses coming out at the party: BRS-MegaDemo, BRS-Zine, Level 4 SoundDisk, Aeon SoundDisk, demos from Vision One of Alpha Flight, demos from Spectral, Iris MegaDemo, and some other uninteresting stuff.

The following groups were at the party: RED SECTOR, ALPHA FLIGHT, SPECTRAL, IRIS, SPREADPOINT, ZYLON, TRISTAR, ABYSS, LEVEL 4, CULT, BCI, SUCCESS, TWILIGHT, CASCADE, ABAKUS, AEON, EXTREME, LAZER, SUBSOFT, TARKUS TEAM, TCS of ILLUSION, TOM L, YOLK ROQUES, MAD MACS, Dr. MABUSE, MIKE of VISION FACTORY,... and a lot of others. First of all we had to delete the last bugs from the MegaDemo, but I think, some are still in... ZINE 4 was also finnished and spreaded. After interviewing VF, Tristar, Dr.Mabuse/AFL, Tom L and IRATA/RSI (look in other articles of this ZINE issue) the demo-competition began. The demos wereshown on four TVs and stereo. There was no competition for our Mega-Demo. Only some AFL (Vision One) demos and a Spectral demo were good, too.

So, we won the first price with the filled vector part from LUKE/BRAINSTORM, 2nd was an ALPHA FLIGHT (Vision One) demo and the third was the ball-demo from BIRD/BRAINSTORM. We do not know why they picked out the parts from the MegaDemo, but that does not matter. We won a goblet, nothing special, and a bottle of champaign.

At the moment we wanted to go, there were some police-men in the next street, so we began to pack our things faster and went to the bus-station. Arrived at Luxembourg we had to wait three (!) hours for our train to Basle. So what we did to waiste some time, we went to the train-buffet at spend our last foreign money. The trouble was the buffet closed at 24:00 and outside it was very cold. And added to all that our train didn't leave until 1:18 in the morning! So we were kicked out of the warm buffet into the cold street.

But what did we see there, next to a phone booth there was this big puddle (small lake) of blood (no joke!!!).

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #5" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in june of 1990.

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