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Brainstorm Gossip
by Orlando of Brainstorm

Another issue, another story. More dramatical than the ones before ? We'll see. But now let us start. (anonymous is writing) This story tells about my nicest relation to a girl. As always the story starts at school. At our school we make every year a week with special topics and in this week the relationship with the girl started. We were in the same group, so we were practically the whole week together. After this week we started to go to school together in the morning. Nothing more. And I waited also practically every day, until her school lessons finished. We talked often together and this was also the main reason, why this relationship was so good. I could never talk to a girl so good like to this one. I really loved her and she me (I think so!). Then she asked me, if we don't want to go out sometimes. We did. We went to the swimming bath. Lied around and talked again a lot and of course we also went swimming together. Really nice afternoon. I had to go at 6 o'clock and this she couldn't understand. 'Cant you stay for a few minutes more ?', she asked. She didn't understand, why I have to go so early. I think, that she thought, that I don't want to stay anymore with her. This wasn't so !

Then I went home and she too. (Was this the first mistake?). Sometimes we also went to a party. We had much fun together and danced practically the whole evening together. Then a critical situation became reality. Another guy wanted to be her boyfriend, but she stayed by me.(Oops). For that I still thank you!. (With 'you' I mean the girl. Which will never read this, but who cares.). This evening did a lot to our relationship, but I was not anymore sure, if this is really the 'girl of my dreams'. We continued to talk to each other, went to school together and so on. I was not sure if I love her. So I met another girl. She was the girl of my dreams. (At least I thought so). It took some time, but then we did a lot together. I did everything the girl wanted. I couldn't do anything else, than doing what she did. And this was a mistake. And the worst was, that I wasn't sure if she loves me too. We went together in a ski camp, which ended bad for her. (No comment!). And I had much luck, that it didn't end bad for me too. Back in my home town, I didn't speak to the first girl anymore, because I was still more interrested to be friend of Girl2. Girl1 asked me, why I don't speak to her anymore. I wanted to say the truth as I always did and said : 'Sorry, but I'm not anymore interrested to stay together with you'. She was very angry and also didn't speak to me anymore. (This was the BIGGEST MISTAKE I've ever done in my life). I realized, that Girl2 was not the right girl for me. She did many bad things and I did too, because I was so in love... Then she left the town. I was unlucky, but soon realized that this was the only way to forget her. Weeks passed and I was again a normal(?) guy. I tried to talk again to Girl1, but I realized that she was angry and always continued to walk after some words. Today it's bader. If I speak to her, she makes like she doesn't know me. And at this moment I realized, that this girl is the ONE AND ONLY I will ever love. I can't start a good relationship with a girl, because I must always think at her. I remarked too late that SHE is the girl of my dreams and the perfect woman for me. What shall I do ? Isn't there another possibility ? I'll do everything for YOU. I'm very sorry that I've made a mistake. I STILL LOVE YOU !!!

Thanks to the unknown author for this article.

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #5" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in june of 1990.

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