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Bon Scott - 10 Years After (1/3)
by Predi of Silver Hawks/101

(This article was about to come out in a previous issue, but as the ASCII-file got lost due to my lazyness, this delay occured, anyway, better late than never... Enjoy !!!)

London: East-Dulwich, Overhill Road 67, in the very early morning of the 19th of February 1980, a Renault 5 car is parked since hours at that place. Inside lying a man suffocated because of his own vomit, due to the extreme alcohol consumation the last night (and years!). The coming afternoon his friend, who was sleeping in the house, will notice it, but it'll be to late for about 8 hours. Few time after the discovery of the cadaver the radiostations worldwide bring the news...: "Bon Scott dies on the Highway to Hell", "AC/DC tragedy as Bon dies...". Those sentences went around the globe faster as you could immagine, for millions it wasn't a tragedy nor a catastrophical incident, ...since Elvis Preslys death never the masses were such shocked as at that late, more than ten years ago now ! It was UNBELIEVABLE !!! Bon, that crazy and always drunken dude, died at a moment, when AC/DC just reached the top of the Showbusiness, and was gone to keep that place for a long time, coz as their Singer-Song-Writer, he contributed a hell of what they become... ten years ago !

Son of Charles Chick Belford Scott, and mum Isa, Ronald Belford Scott (wich name won't tell a lot to all our ACID-fan readers, anyway) wasnt' born on a '04th July', but five days after, in 1946 in Kirrimure, Scottland. Five years later, the Scotts were fed up with the misery around, and so Charles decided to re-start a new life... down there in sunny Australia, were Rony could play with the Kangaroos, and the little aboriginie kids, during his parents were gone to earn some money, and did that pretty well. Rons mum wasn't very pleased about with whom her son was playing (?!), and so she decided, that at the age of 7 years, he had to learn to peck away the pianokeys ! For our rude guy Rony, that wasn't the climax of the day, and few yars later, after having started a carrier as 'cowboy', he bought his first motorbike, and crashed around on the endless Australian Highways ! During that periode he learned to play the drum-kid, and some bagpipe, wich was more for his own satisfaction, as he was a real Scottsman. In 1962, just 16 years old, Rony left the so much hated, and for nothing good school, with the onlyest thing that remembered him that time... his nickname BON !

His first job, was Postman in the neighbour-town, wich also didn't satisfie him that much, so that he joined his first group, as their drumer, called 'The Spekters'. For shure they wern't a top group and so he decided to leave 'em and let the postmanjob do another guy.

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #5" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in june of 1990.

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