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Bon Scott - 10 Years After (2/3)
by Predi of Silver Hawks/101

To show you how he was, even the army didn't want of him, coz as they said, he wouldn't fit in that kind of association. He was 23 years old, when he joined 'The Valentines'. Still swinging the drumsticks, but recognising, that he also had such a sexy voice he was gone to be their new singer ! Bon goes to Melbourne, wich, at that time, was the Meka of the Showbusiness in Australia. But the gigs weren't such extraordinary, so, that in 1972 he takes the chance to go on tour with a group called 'Fraternity' as their singer, wich took him even to Germany, to play in Munichs PN-Club ! Time came to get married, and so he did. Irene, the groupie girl, wich he met at a concert of his erlier group would be his wife for just two years, then the divorce was proclaimed, and 1974 Bon quits 'Fraternity', coz the band had no future for him !

Well, since Bon was again job-less, he was now going on to work for an agency as vandriver, to bring the groups and their equipment from the hotel to the gig, and back to the hotel ! Still beeing that crazy motorbike fan, he had a bad accident on last sunday, wich easily could have cost him more than just some hurt legs. Again as such often in his life, he was desperate, coz really nothing wanted to go well. Till he got that hint from a friend, that a new group was desperatly searching for a new singer. Why shouldn't he try again ? Perhaps the guys were really ok, and the idea to play again in a band, gave him will and power ! But who the hell would be that group ? Just again some gigolos, or even another short living group ? He would knew it soon ! When he entered the place where this group used to meet, and play, he first thought that he was at the wrong place ! Could it be possible, that those guys (one smaller than the other) were searching for a singer ? But smiling wasn't for a long time, when he saw that 16 years old boy, who was going to put down a guitarsolo as he never saw it before ! WOOOHW... Bon couldn't speak for a while, as he admit in later interviews, coz he had just seen a short demonstration of one of the guys repertoire, and it was damned great ! That was the group in wich he would raise up, he KNEW it from that instance. Don't need to explain more about that group, coz those who are still reading, know from whom I'm speaking ! Founded by the two Young Bros. MALCOLM & ANGUS, joined by a cool drumer named Phill and the nice Bass-player Marc, they found complete with an incredible singer and songwriter, wich would set together with them one milestone after another in the art of Rock'n Roll playing ! AC/DC was born ! It took them about one year to get the knowledge they need for their first record, called HIGH VOLTAGE, and the 16/17 years old Angus, togther with Bons cutting voice did some songs, wich have the taste of something genius ! At that time most groups tried to immit Garry Glitter by walking as him etc. but AC/DC wasn't that sort. They were called the scandalls boys, coz Angus couldn't leave it to take his shorts 'off' during the concerts and even the interviews, were he didn't feel ashame to shock some journalists, by hanging shortly out his dick, under the lightning-storm of the photographs Polaroids. For the first time Bon felt happy in a band, for him it was his second family coz the guys revealt as real cool, and at least some were Scottish, too.

I'm not gonna explain the whole AC/DC story here, perhaps next time, coz this should be a homage to Bon SCOTT, the Possessed ! Here a list of all records he brought out with AC/DC:

- High Voltage
- T.N.T
- Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
- Let There Be Rock
- Powerage
- If You Want Blood
- Highway To HELL

(all records appeared between 1974 and 1979)

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #5" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in june of 1990.

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