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The Best of Heavy Metal (1/2)
by Orlando of Brainstorm

This time I will present you an article about some Heavy-Metal records. Let us start. At the bottom of each test, I'll write down, what my favourite songs from this record are. In case you just want to listen to a sound in the records-shop, before you buy the record.

Master Of Puppets - METALLICA

In my opinion one of the BEST Heavy-Metal albums ever published. Metallica has it's very own style. Sometimes slow guitar sound and sometimes fast and heavy sound. The two parts sound very well together. And give a superb overall impression. Best songs : Master of Puppets, Welcome Home.

So far, So good, So what - MEGADETH

Megadeth was formed by the ex-founder of Metallica, Dave Mustaine. This name makes always(?) clear, that the record is good. This is the last Megadeth album released and also the best. Great guitar solos and fast speed are the main characteristics of this record. Counts also to the best Heavy-Metal records ever published. Best songs : Set the world afire, Liar.

The Number Of The Beast - IRON MAIDEN

The best Iron Maiden album. Published in 1982. Features some nice guitar solos and some nice melodies. Typical Iron Maiden style songs, but better than the other ones from themselves. Some months ago, Iron Maiden published the old songs again on ca. 10 extra records with other covers. On each of this record a man tells a part of the Iron Maiden story. ONLY TO MAKE MONEY ???. By the way here are the best songs from this album. Best songs : The Number Of The Beast, 22.Accacia Avenue.


Nice album from the guitar specialist. He's able to play the guitar also with the teeth. Has also it's own style : Yngwie prefers to start his songs with some slow passages. Not as heavy as the records tested above, but still not bad at all. Yngwie has published several albums. This is one of the best. Try it out. Best songs : Don't let it end, On The Run Again.

Highway To Hell - AC/DC

Together with :'If you want blood', the best AC/DC album. Great melodies and the typical Angus Young guitar sound make this a sure winner. Vocals on this record from Bon Scott (Read also the article in this issue!). If you are a AC/DC fan, you shouldn't miss this one ! Best songs : A Touch too much, You've got it.

Appetite For Destruction - GUNS'N'ROSES

This album features some nice songs. But the whole doesn't reach the standard of the best crews. by the way some people love this album, I only like it. But who cares ? It is still good. Buy it and make your own opinion. Best songs : Paradise City, Welcome To The Jungle.

Kill'em All - METALLICA

Another Metallica masterpiece. This one was published in 1983. The heaviest Metallica album. The song (Anesthesia - Pulling teeth) which features a long guitar solo at the begin, is played with the teeth! Great, if you know how difficult it is. Really cool. Miss it at your own peril ! Best songs : Hit The Lights, No remorse.

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #5" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in june of 1990.

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