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Interview With Tristar (1/2)
by Chester of Brainstorm

Wizler and Whiteheat of TRISTAR were interviewed by CHESTER of BRAINSTORM at the RED SECTOR, ALPHA FLIGHT and SPECTRAL Party.

1. Please introduce yourselfes !
Wizler/TRISTAR: Modem Trader, 18 years old,...
Whiteheat/TRISTAR: Modem Trader, SysOp, 17.4 years old,...

2. How many members do you have?
Nobody knows, between 20 and 25.

3. What is your opinion about cracks and trainers?
I think that they must exist for looking at a game. Sometimes we buy a game, if it's a good one. Trainers are okay to see a game to the end. There exist some Trainer-groups, that's also okay, crackers can't do everything. Here are the charts: 1)SUBWAY, 2)ALCATRAZ, 3)TRISTAR

4. What do you think about ZINE compared with CJ?
WI:ZINE has got more interviews, that is very interesting if you want to know the latest news. Both magazines have enough reports but I think that the CJ is going to be more and more lame.

WH:ZINE has got more different articles, that's great. But the CJ still has got more News.

5. What are your future plans?
More Cracks, perhaps a Party in autumn and a demo.

While sitting on the floor of the hotel (it was now forbidden to sit in the restaurant without buying something to drink or eat. And in the room, where the party was, the sound from the AMIGAs were too loud to speak normaly with) a guy from the hotel came to us and said that we should go away, go out of the hotel, because there were beer - bottles now laying around from us and so on... We (WHITEHEAT, WIZLER, some guys from ALF and RSI and I, CHESTER) went now out of and tryed to finnish the interview in standing. And believe it or not, we finaly managed it! So keep on reading...

6. Okay, lets finish this interview here. How's the weather in the modemscene?
Very hard, stress, everyone want to be the best, the fastest. If you miss one day, you are away. There are too many boards around, there arn't enough people who load things down.

7. What do you prefer for spreading, modem or mail?
Modem, of course. It's faster. If you send something by mail, sometimes the letter don't reach his aim. You see, the German post... But we think, that very soon the modemscene could die, because of better protections...

8. When did you bought your AMIGA?
WI: February 1988
WH: December 1988

9. Best Crackergroups, Demogroups, Crews at all?
- M.A.D, Quartex, Oracle
- Red Sector, Scoopex, Rebels

-It is difficult to say, because it is allways changing.

10.Best BBS in USA and Europe?
-High Crime (Vision Factory), Panic Zone (Trilogy), Pure Evil (Paranoimia)
-Central Europe (no crew), United Fields (Tristar), Pleasure Dome (M.A.D)

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #5" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in june of 1990.

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