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Letters To The Editor (1/2)

This letter comes from AXIOM of (ex-)M.A.D: (We got this letter before M.A.D dies)

I drop you this letter for telling that you mentioned that there's a war between M.A.D and ALCATRAZ, THAT IS WRONG! WE HAVE GOOD FRIENDS IN ATZ. Moreover you said that we asked ATZ for a cooperation!?! Is it a joke? ATZ asked us to be co-operated with them and WE refused bcoz we do not need any co-operation, that's all! So, before telling shit about anything, make sure before! Good continuation for your mag.

Regards AXIOM/(ex-)M.A.D

The mistake was published in the NEWS & INFORMATIONS - Article. So I must say, that I have heard this (little war between M.A.D & ATZ, M.A.D asked ATZ for co-operation) from an ATZ-member. (I do not want to say any names !) It's not from me, you see. I only censore the NEWS, and I thought that this was true... I can't control all these sendings with News, so everybody who sends something for the NEWS & INFORMATION-corner has to look for its truth.


Then we got a letter from our ex-member and ex-ZINE-editor Yankee: Hi all in BRAINSTORM! Really great work done with ZINE 4! This time you really made it: ZINE IS BEST! IT CAN ONLY BE FOLLOWED! There are just some more things to say:

1. I was kicked out of BRAINSTORM for not beeing productive enough. That's your opinion. So it's O.K., but I heard some bad things about me from other people. Did things like that have to happen? Didn't you say, that you do not want to start a fight with me? Didn't Chester say, that I was kicked out because my work not because my person? So why does _*_*_*_ tell dirty lies about me? ( _*_*_*_, just remember one phone-call! I do not know if you told anyone else shit like this!) I just want that _*_*_*_ tell the truth.

2. You wrote that I was not productive enough to be a main ZINE-editor. Have I ever been one? I saw that I did not get the credits for what I was doing. This doesn't motivate a lot. If I show back, I see that I was just the slave of ZINE! But nevertheless it was a great time doing this job! (And I did it!) But I begin to realize that there are some guys without anycharacter in your group. There are just 2 guys I still really like, and I hope that we will keep friends like in the past. It was no problem to find another good job to do, but re-member: I STILL LIKE ZINE! IT IS THE BEST MAG (AT LEAST AT THE MOMENT! HAE,HAE!)! I wish you much more success for the future. And maybe some day some of the other members realize that they have done it the wrong way. CU all, yours sincerly,

YANKEE (ex-member)

Okay, for the LAST time we want to give our opinion to this. For the first three issues Yankee has done not enough for beeing a main ZINE-editor, and so he didn't get the credits he wanted to have. For the 4th issue he worked harder but it was too late. In fact, he needn't do more than collecting and writing articles. I do not know what other members said about Yankee, but there are
people who spread a lot of bad rumours about BRAINSTORM - do not believe them!! And until now we do not think that we have done it wrong, kicking out Yankee, he wasn't too good. A lot of us did not like his articles. (Hamster-Article not published at all, for example...)


Ein Brief von: Birdy of Disaster Area An: Ganz Brainstorm Ihr habt es wirklich geschaft das beste Disk-Mag zu werden. Cracker Journal ist gut, aber eure Benutzerfuehrung ist besser und die Artikel sind auch besser. Zine ist mehr ausgewogen, weil es grosse Menge von verschiedenen Dingen hat. Z.B. der Jugend-Scene-Report oder die Drogenecke, wirklich gut.

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #5" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in june of 1990.

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