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Interview with Thomas Landsburg
by Majestic/Brainstorm

We met Thomas Landsburg at the RSI-Spectral-AFL Party in Luxembourg. If you don't know Tom L. then shame on you! He was the guy that programmed the first real Vector Bobs, and he called his demo also Vector Bobs. Then after him everybody else started to improve upon his idea. Anyway Thomas Landsburg has been interviewed for you by Majestic of Brainstorm. Ok, let's go!

When did you start coding?
In about 1984. I started on a ZX81, then I went to C64 and now on Amiga.

Where do you currently live?
I live in Paris, France.

Which group did you belong to?
I belonged to no group. I released a demo for Threat, just for fun.

Do you still go to school or as what do you work.
I work for a Telecommunication company. I develop there the software they use.

What do you like better demos or games?
I prefer demos. But I also like good games, but there aren't many good games on the Amiga.

Why don't you code a game?
Two reasons in comparison to a demo. A game is longer and more boring to code than a demo. You may earn some money by coding a game, but it isn't enough for the time you invest.

Name us, in your opinion, some Amiga legends.
Wild Copper, Red Sector, and DOC.

What do you think about the future of the Amiga?
Game selling will decrease due to the pirating. I think if you like to play a game then you should support it by buying that game. Otherwise the game industry will stop producing good games on the Amiga.

Do you have a modem?
Nope, it costs to much, you know the phone-bill! I already have a Minitel that's enough for me. My phone bill is already high enough.

Your opinion about the demos of today?
I think it is bad that 80% of the demos are copies of others. My goal is not to make a fast code, I prefer originality.

Your opinion about trainers.
Sometimes I like trainers because I can see then all the levels. But on the other hand it sometimes takes the fun out of certain games.

Are you working on a new demo?
I have many projects, but not enough time.

Ok, we must come to an end because the demo competition will soon start, have you any last words?
I think selling illegal software is bad!

Thanks a lot Thomas. I am sure that you are one of only a few living legends on the Amiga.

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #5" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in june of 1990.

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